Sunday, March 30, 2014

Surprise Saturday shopping

Being the total rebels that we are (lol), we spontaneously decided to tear off to some antique stores we generally only go to once or twice a year. Hubs had a giftcard from Christmas he'd never used for another store nearby, so away we went. I'm a planner type, but even I've got to admit sometimes it's so much more relaxing and less stressful to just grab a few things, run out the door and have fun.

I've been obsessed with Snowflake Blue Corelle lately? I don't even understand it myself. I get fixated on a certain pattern or color, and either my patience runs out to find them in the wild, or it seems to manifest them right before my eyes.
This doubled my collection. I was especially happy to get some dinner plates and the sugar and creamer -complete with the elusive glass lid!

I added 18 pieces to my collection of 19 more, and I'm now pretty darn close to a 4 placesetting set! Yay!

These Country Calico items were from a nearby thrift store. I got these, a clock, and my husband got a board game for 5 bucks total. Not bad!

Fire King! These were my biggest purchases for the day. I have a long term goal to collect all the patterned Splash Proof Fire King mixing bowl and range sets (Tulip, Modern Tulip, Stripes, Red Dot, Black Dot, Apples & Cherries, Kitchen Aids).  The two grease jars I'm missing I believe will be the hardest to find - Black Dots and Kitchen Aids. And I still need a ton of the matching shakers and mixing bowls.

I had a chance once to buy the Black Dot grease jar for the price of one arm, one leg & a first born child - but instead I paid a slightly smaller fortune for Red Dot mixing bowls. An anniversary splurge I don't regret one little bit :-)
And hey, there's some Pyrex! The universe enjoyed having a laugh at my impatience. I just bought a set of Horizon Blue refrigerator dishes online not more than a few weeks ago. Now I find the largest 503 for 6 bucks! The good thing is, I wanted one set to display and one set to use (that also serves as klutz insurance!)  and now I have a spare of my favorite one!

The pink I hoard, period. If its pink or turquoise, I don't care how many I have at home, if I can afford it it's coming home with me. Is that horrible? I sure hope not.
Both of these pieces I'm 99.999% sure are Glasbake, but neither are marked as such. The casserole was just too sweet. It's actually marked on the bottom as Sears ovenware, but it has all the telltale characteristics of Glasbake.

The honey whip jar came in a ton of different colors. Goodness, I have such a soft spot for giveaways.
And finally, on the way home, we stopped at Goodwill. I haven't seen opal Pyrex at this GW in so long now I've suspected they were sending it off to go to the website. I paid too much for it. My trouble is, I just can't pass things up - especially coming off a winter were there really has been nothing for months. If I find some good Pyrex for cheap at yardsales or such, maybe it will set my mind back where I'm able to let it go at the thrift it I think it's priced too high.

Anyways, I had a blast yesterday, and renewed hope & enthusiasm that there's still good stuff out there to find!

Hope you are having good luck as well!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I will never pass up pink/turquoise/aqua Pyrex either! I have lots of duplicates and will hoard them all!

    One of my local antique malls has the Kitchen Aids grease jar for $300.00 It's been there for years!


    1. Wow. I'd be so disappointed to finally see one and it be that overpriced. The worst price I've seen in the wild was a stripes grease jar for $150. I didn't have it at the time, and was so excited to see it I shoved my husband out of the way. Then disappointment. I found one later for much less, and I believe that stripes one is still sitting there unsold.

  2. That is a unique sugar and spice casserole - have never seen that one before!!

    1. I hadn't either! Wish I could find more information about it, but the only thing that pops up when I look for Sears ovenware is a really cute blue oval casserole I'd also love to have that says "Kissing don't last but cookery do".