Thursday, April 10, 2014

My new hutch

Gardening has been keeping me busy lately. I've been thrifting a couple of times since my last post, but came up empty handed as far as Pyrex or glassware went. But strangely, we've picked up a piece of furniture almost every time we've been out - which is really unusual for us.

We bought a funky, retro, Love-it-or-HATE-IT couch and loveseat pair, a mirror that I promptly repainted, a small coffee/side table and a vintage hutch.

I've been looking for a reasonably large, open hutch to display some of my favorite Pyrex. I've been feeling like I was heading towards a Pyrex collection downsizing, and I thought buying a new-to-me hutch, painting it a good color, and filling it with my favorite patterns would go a long way towards easing me into a smaller collection overall.
Here it is! It needs to be painted. Before I saw this hutch, I was sure I wanted it painted turquoise. Now I'm not so sure?

And speaking of turquoise:
I was very surprised to find this set locally. I've never seen all 4 bowls for sale together before. And it actually didn't cost the arm & leg that turquoise Pyrex usually commands, so I was super-duper-thrilled to find them. This is a duplicate set for me, but my other bowls -my birthday set- I have in the kitchen, behind closed doors, so I don't see them until I use them. Now that I have my new hutch, I've got the best of both worlds. I can admire a set and still have one in the kitchen cabinet, all nice and clean and dust-free just waiting to be used.

It's just now starting to be reliably pretty and nice outside now, so hopefully yard sales & estates sales will be worth looking for. I wish us all great luck finding good junk that we just can't live without :-)

Happy Thrifting!

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