Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Thrift and comic book haul

First up, a few thrift finds:

Pyrex! It's been too long, old friend!

And even though Autumn Harvest has never been one of my main patterns, I will not pass up these prices.

$2.99 and $.99! It's like it's the past!

 And speaking of the past, it's Twin Peaks, my true love. Lol!

I was a wee youngun when the original series was on tv. And I'm sure I've mentioned before how I only got to watch every other episode when it came on, because I had to share a tv with my grandmother who watched Murder, She Wrote, every other week.

My husband found the bowls and the book for me, and it was his idea to even stop at the thrift in the first place, so props to him for finding me cool loot!

Onto the comic book haul.

At Books-A-Million, comics were buy 3 get 2 free, so I added 3 recent back issues to my Saga collection, and picked up a few Spawn as well. I finally broke down and added Saga to a folder at a local comic book shop, but reading-wise I'm not up to these issues yet, so they are just going into my box until I get caught up to them.

Spawn is another book we'll likely add to the folder. We've been buying some back issues here and there, and are missing a giant gap in between. Like all good teenage nerd boys of the 1990's, my husband had around the first 18 issues, then nothing. Apparently lots of people did the same and lots of issues in the 100's-to early 200's are low print runs, and an expensive prospect to collect. I just like adding to my husbands collection when we find them in inexpensive back issues.

And these are the last of our new issues we've picked up.  I'm really liking Farmhand so far, and I've yet to read the rest. I'm hanging in on Skyward because I love the concept, and the story is solid enough, I would just love to see it pick up and surprise me.

Same with Blackwood. I am an Evan Dorkin fan, and I absolutely love the cover art by Veronica and Andy Fish. I'm hanging in there and looking forward to the new Beasts of Burden 4-part series that starts in about a month.

And finally, some back issue love:

Run the Jewels variant on this Black Panther issue. Plus it's always a treat to get Brian Stelfreeze interior art.

I picked this guy up randomly just because it was 90 cents and I loved the cover.

Another variant cover to Archie #1. Not going to lie, I bought this for the Fiona Staples interior art.

One dollar or less back issues. I'm really digging Bilquis Evely art and keeping an eye out for anything she does when I'm digging around the random back issue boxes. Also pleasant surprise that one of my favorite, favorite artists in comics Bill Sienkiewicz was the inker on this cover. So nice convergence there of artists! Definitely keeping my eyes open for the other issues.

Also didn't realize when I bought this issue that this was the first of a 3 issue Supergirl run by Kelly Sue Deconnick. Trying to check out more of her work as well. Recently heard that she is going to be writing Aquaman soon, so I think I'll be checking that out as well.

And finally, a couple of randoms I've yet to read. Both of these were out of the dollar box. I picked up a used copy of the first Chew trade and am loving it so far, so I thought this ridiculous one-shot was very charming.

So that's it for my thrift and comic books hauls.

Hope you're finding fabulous treats and treasures where you are!

Happy Hunting!