Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thrift roundup

Haven't been out thrifting much lately, though I have picked up a few things most times I've stopped in.

This yellow Pyrex Desert Dawn baker is a duplicate for me but I was not going to pass it up. Bakeware seems to be in high demand these days (and pricey!), so I'll scoop up every thrift find I can.

Felt like I'd hit the motherlode the other day at GW. This is also one of the Goodwills I suspected only sold damaged stuff in store and shipped off everything else. Well, for whatever reason, I found 3 pieces at once, all between 3-5 dollars, in nice and shiny, undamaged condition.

A ReStore find and another piece of Pyrex from GW. Couldn't believe it.

Also picked these up, a White Lace bowl for my mom and a Corningware Floral Bouquet baking sheet for myself.

And finally, my one antique store purchase, the pink lidded Kromex grease jar and salt & peppers. I need a product to shine these guys up with but all the things I've tried either don't work or carry a warning about using them on aluminum. Anyone know any tricks?

That's all my treasures for now. Hopefully I'll be dragging out my Christmas stuff any day now and feeling a little more in the Holiday spirit.

Hope you're finding thrifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Long time no post

Long time, no update. I've bought things here and there but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, most Pyrex I'm finding is too expensive for my humble budget and I'm finding myself staying home more and more when I could have been out hunting.

These two terribly DWD bowls are my first Pyrex thrift store finds in a while. I've suspected for a while that this particular Goodwill only put out on the shelf pieces that were too damaged to send on to their online site or whatever GW heaven they send all the good stuff off to. I was okay with paying 3.99 for the dots bowl because the damage made it look pink like the poor pink mixer I didn't want to buy so much. But my husband encouraged me, thinking I'd have not-buyers regret. All in all, he was probably right. So it came home with me as well.

The solid pink is so damaged, the white looks like water damage - or whatever it is - on top of the pink, but that's not the case. It's been dishwashed down to the white underneath the paint. Not much hope for saving it. Chances are good it's going home to my mom to use as a cat bowl.

But the "pink" dot bowl, I like it the way it is. I haven't oiled it to see if it would make it look any better. I tried using a touch of Bar Keeper's Friend to a bad place with a silver utensil mark but it just made the orange start showing through. So I think I'll use it just the way it is.

And then yesterday we went to a few antique stores. I cracked a joke about us not finding anything after visiting at least 3 stores. Something like "It'd be nice if I could find a treasure to make all this walking around worth it". And very shortly after that I found this nice, shiny orange dots bowl for 9 dollars! Yay!

What a difference in the color! And this nice shiny orange dots technically completes my dots bowl set, since the one I was using was also dishwasher damaged. Good deal.

And since I'm not finding much in the way of glassware these days, I thought I might add in a few non-related things. Hope my dish friends don't mind. :-)

My husband is a record and toy guy. His finds sometimes completely trump anything I'm finding out in the world, but he's pretty much stopped blogging ever. I'd like some of that stuff (including non-vintage) to see the light of day. I enjoy looking back through my blog and seeing when I've bought things. After 5 years, I've started to completely forget where I've bought things and when, so having a record of them is pretty cool.

For now, here's my vinyl purchases over the last 6 weeks or so.

I love Lana Del Rey. I don't care what you say, lol. This album was fun to go hunt for because it came out on mine and my husband's 10 year wedding anniversary. How often do you get to buy an album called Honeymoon release on your 10 year anniversary?!

I'm not a big rap fan, generally. But Run the Jewels stomps the face off what passes for rap these days. I really, really, really hope that the limited vinyl Meow the Jewels is pre-ordered for me very, very soon. (Hint hint to all my blog readers who are my husband).

And finally, I have those things I habitually hunt for in the used section of a record store that I don't really think I'll find. The Cure is high on that list. This is the original 1987 version, not the Record Store Day version from 2013, though I must note with some dismay that the RSD version (that I don't have) is selling for 3x +  the original.

Ah, vinyl records, another collection I totally can't afford to keep up with.


Anyways, hope you're finding cool junk out in the world.

Happy Thrifting!