Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Hazel Atlas white Ripple

Another patch of months I've gone without a post. I just don't hit the thrift stores nearly as much any more despite the fact I've picked up an item or two most of the times I do.

I picked up these pieces of Hazel Atlas Ripple at least a month apart and from totally different thrift stores, which I thought was pretty crazy. Especially considering that I've gone several years where the only piece of undecorated white I owned was a single bowl.

The 3 colorways Ripple was available in - as far as I know of - were the plain, undecorated white, pink, and turquoise blue. I believe there was at least one later variation that seemed to use the Ripple mold, but was amber glass. There was an unmarked set of this variation at a local antique shop for years, but it never crossed my mind to take a picture of it before the store closed up shop some time ago.

I've bought many separate pieces for my mega-set of mixed colors, but for some reason I've mostly only come across a single color at a time. I bought a set that was service for 7 on my husband's birthday several, several years ago. Then found a set of pink on my birthday. But during this time I've never spotted more than a piece or two of white. I'm pairing these with a Hazel Atlas drinking glass pattern that is boomerang and available in the same colors but was additionally made with jadeite green boomerangs as well as yellow. I have far fewer of the glasses than placesettings at this point, but I just love the combination together, so I'm content to continue hunting down glasses in person.

And now for your moment of kitch, I couldn't resist this Inarco owl taper candle holder for a dollar fifty nine, as well as this unopened set of scoops that seem to have survived several yardsales before being donated to the thrift shop. They are advertisement for a local bank, and I just liked the little piece of local history attached to them.

Hope all is well where you are, and that you are still finding nifty vintage goodies where you are! I need to hit the thrift stores much more often than I have because they are starting to put out all the holiday goodies, and I'd sure hate to miss out on vintage Christmas tree ornaments. My favorite!

Happy Thrifting!