Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thrift & Antique store round-up

I finally found a few new pieces at Goodwill the other day!

This delphite bowl set me back $6.99. I'd seen it before in antique stores with it's companion dip bowl twice before now - once with the bracket for 35 dollars and once without for 25, but it's been a few years back. And those were prices I didn't love for pieces I didn't thoroughly love, so I passed. The time I found this set with a bracket, I picked it up and walked around with it, and was sure I was going to buy it until I literally walked into the next antique booth on the other side and found the square turquoise hostess chip & dip set, complete with the hard-to-find square bracket - all for 10 dollars less than the other booth wanted for the delphite grapes set.

I really couldn't afford both sets, so I put the delphite back and happily paid 25 dollars for my square turquoise hostess set. Little by little, I'm starting to find pieces that I have never seen in real life, or saw once several years ago, and I'm hoping that's a continuing trend.
These guys were also waiting for me the same day - a butter yellow loaf pan, clear refrigerator dish that I bought for the lid, and another spare lid. None of these were terribly expensive, and I'm happy to have them.
These two sweet pink pieces were antique store purchases, but less than ten bucks for both. Thems thrift store prices - for around here, at least. I saw a Pink Gooseberry mixing bowl set for 95 dollars the other day. I can only shake my head. Too rich for my blood. But I'll happily snap up any Pink Gooseberry I see for a reasonable price, for sure.
These are Corelle/Pyrex go-along glasses, marked Bradley & Associates. There's something slightly off about the pattern that makes me think these weren't official go-alongs.

I don't have any Snowflake Blue Corelle. I just literally never see it. Over the years, I've bought my mom a huge set of Butterfly Gold, one piece at a time. And I've driven myself crazy daisy buying Spring Blossom Green. And did I mention I've got pieces and parts of the Wildflower and Meadow patterns too?  (It never ends, does it?)

I'd love to cobble a set of Snowflake Blue Corelle together with the Pyrex Coordinates and have that be my main pattern. Fingers crossed that these glasses are just the first of wave of inexpensive Snowflake Blue items to come my way. :-)

And since this is probably my last post before Christmas, I just want to wish a very Happy Holiday Season to everyone who reads this little blog of mine. I appreciate you so much!

Hope you and yours are Happy and Well!

Happy Thrifting!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blue Christmas

Haven't been thrifting much lately, and when I have, the shelves are bare. I've read here and there that donations are down in general and kitchen stuff - my favorite- is getting snapped up quick for Holiday meals.

So, again, I'm turning to antique stores to get my vintage fix.

I haven't run across Colonial Mist all that often, and really didn't intend to collect it, but these two bowls were sold together for 12 dollars - thriftier priced than most other items I was seeing - so I bought. I like that the missing 402 and largest sized 404 bowls could come in either white with a blue pattern or be decorated the same as these. As I understand it, the difference is that the set alternated colors when it was sold together in the same box as a 3 or 4 bowl set, but only the solid blue with white pattern was sold as open stock.

The turquoise-on-white version of Butterprint is a duplicate for me, but it came from a booth having a 20% off sale, so it came home with me as well. My husband says I have a sickness for Butterprint. Personally I agree, I just think it also extends out to practically any Pyrex pattern, and pretty much every other type of decorated opal white/milk glass kitchenware - Pyrex, Fire King, Hazel Atlas, McKee etc. :-)

And finally, these are Christmas presents. My husband ordered them as a surprise for me. They arrived just moments before we were headed out the door together. And since they were glass, he was anxious to inspect the package and make sure everything was a-okay. So he just gave them to me early.

(Of course, me standing there like a little kid with Gimme-Gimme-Gimme eyes probably had something to do with getting them early, LOL)

I hope to find the solid blue 402 that nests between them, but for now, my two Horizon Blue bowls are nesting in between the two Snowflake Blue bowls I own, making a sort of blue set of their very own.

Hope you are finding grand and thrifty vintage treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Long time no see

It seems like ages since my last post. I came down with a bad flu that lasted for two weeks. My husband started coming down with it just as I was getting better. So we just haven't gotten out and about much. Here's my odds and ends from yesterday.
This is the very first vintage tablecloth I've ever found at a thrift store. I think it's actually long enough to fit my table! It was $2.99. It would have been perfect for Thanksgiving, but I didn't cook this year (thankfully), so it's alright. Maybe next year :-)
I already have these Richard Simmons cookbooks, but they were a dollar, so I picked them up as spares. The Farewell to Fat book is not a diet/weight-loss cookbook, but more of a how-to make a variety of foods, from appetizers to main course, that are healthier lifestyle choices. I've made two recipes from this book - the first is called "Puff the Magic Meal" (I'm not kidding about the title), and "Campfire Soup" - both of which were quite tasty and I'd make again. Next recipe I'm eyeing is "Angel Eggs", and lower-everything alternative to Deviled Eggs.
Next up, can you guess which one of these is *NOT* vintage? Why, the lovely red dot tumblers that I just bought at the DOLLAR TREE of all places! They are marked with a Made in Mexico sticker, but washed off, reveals the Libbey mark (a stylized cursive "L").

Run, don't walk, to your nearest Dollar Tree and check these out. They also had snowflake glasses that would look darling with snowflake Pyrex, and Holly Berry glasses. I think these are all fantastic alternatives for folks who are hunting authentic-look and feel glasses in vintage styles, but don't want to pay the vintage prices for them - especially if you are wanting a whole set.  Let me know if you go hunting these glasses down and see other patterns or colors!

The turquoise boomerang glass was a single I picked up for 49 cents at the same thrift. I have a pink one just like it. Maybe a decade from now I'll have stumbled into the whole set, lol!
And finally, it was Corningware day, even though I didn't actually score a single piece of it. These are all accessories, but I think they are neat. This is an electromatic skillet. I haven't even washed it yet, much less tried it out, but I think it's pretty cool. I'll probably try to make eggs or something simple in it - assuming it still works, of course. The cradle above it is for the same size piece.

And my prize for the day was a totally mint in box petite pan handle. I love petite pans. They are my favorite Corning Ware piece. I can't see using these small pieces on the stove, but I think it's just ridiculously adorable that they even made a handle for it at all. The most practical use I can think of for it would be as a butter warmer.

Glad to be back on my feet again. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Happy Thrifting!