Friday, April 25, 2014

Paying the price

I paid the antique store price for these guys. Had them already but one had some dishwasher damage and the other has some knicks in the pattern. So these replaced them.
I've seen the red 402 a couple of times that I wasn't willing to buy - once, it was dishwashed and still 10 bucks. The other time, totally scratchy and 22 dollars. No thanks. And I've never seen the big orange 404 bowl that would complete the set.

So for now, my 'set' is a made-up one. The 402 is from the reverse primary.
I like this version. It's something cool to do with the primary red 404 that has no other pieces to go with.

And finally, why if it isn't The Weight Saint himself, Richard Simmons. This magazine was waiting for me in an antique store at the curious price of one dollar and twenty five cents.

This issue is from 1981. It mentions the fact that his show was up against Donahue and sometimes beat him in the ratings!

And I've fallen off the wagon of doing my daily Richard workout. Broke down and did one yesterday - probably guilt-induced exercising triggered by the purchase of this magazine :-)

Tomorrow, assuming I can drag both myself and the hubs out of bed, we'll try to do some yard sale-ing. I hate to say I'm not optimistic, but I'm definitely not holding my breath.

Hope you are finding snazzy stuff!

Happy Thrifting!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Stress-terday's Thrifting

So yesterday was more like stress-terday. I went to a new Dr, and much anxiety ensued. So the hubs and I hit up a few thrifts to blow off the tension.
This incomplete Primary set was waiting for me in the fancy-shmancy case, complete with a fancy-schmancy price. But it's one of the older sets - a style that is my very favorite. I wish these thicker bowls had been made in pink and turquoise, but they seem to have already changed the style of them by then.
This Early American bowl was behind the counter with the Primaries. Had it been by itself, I might have talked myself out of it, but I was in a splurge-y mood, so it came home with me. I collect the brown and white pieces of this pattern anyway, but I had picked up the smallest gold & brown bowl from the Chip and Dip set some time ago. So I either have a chip and dip set without a bracket or the beginning of a Cinderella set.

So much for me cutting back, huh?

And the other day, I came home from thrifting pretty much empty handed - except for 14 random pieces of this starburst silverware.

I've mostly avoided buying silverware at thrift stores. It's always in some tub with about 14 metric tons of random pattern butter knives. And riffling through it makes an epically loud clattering ruckus that can be heard from everywhere in the store.

I just never want to be *that person* who stands there for 4 hours, digging through silverware like I'm going to find some solid silver surviver from the Titanic or something.

But anyhow, I do poke around from time to time. I decided a while back that I liked atomic star patterns - any of them- and it might be cool to piece a set together, even if it's mismatched.
This is the one I found, Americana Star by International. Miracle of miracle, there were even a few forks! (Hardly ever find forks. Just billions upon billions of butter knives, lol)

I really like the way it looks with my Snowflake Blue.

Hope everyone finds fabulous treasures this weekend!

Happy Thrifting!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday yard sale-ing

Hubs and I hit the yard sales pretty hard yesterday and came home with not a whole lot. Stopped at a thrift along the way and found a bunch of Heartland that I didn't have. I'm going to need a bigger house soon!

Heartland breadbox
Heartland lazy susan, utensil holder, vegetable bowls

Heartland Breakfast set
These are pieces I didn't know existed. I think of them as soup cups/mugs, but calls this a Breakfast cup & salad plate set.

I took a photo of it beside the regular teacup just to show how huge this thing is.
And come to find out the salad plate is made differently than the regular salad plate. It's more heavily decorated and the piece itself is heavier and sturdier than the regular salad plate.
regular Heartland salad plate top left, Heartland Village salad plate top right, and below them the salad plate from the Breakfast set. Same diameter, but thicker.
 And finally, these guys were from the first stop of the morning. 20 cents I couldn't pass up.

I'm not sure if the good stuff was snapped up Friday, or earlier on Saturday morning, but I sure wasn't finding it. We did more driving yesterday than it seems like we do when we go out of state antique shopping. It's always possible folks are saving it up for the big Spring yardsale we usually have in May. Dunno. At least I tried, right?

Hope you're finding great junk!

Happy Thrifting!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My new hutch

Gardening has been keeping me busy lately. I've been thrifting a couple of times since my last post, but came up empty handed as far as Pyrex or glassware went. But strangely, we've picked up a piece of furniture almost every time we've been out - which is really unusual for us.

We bought a funky, retro, Love-it-or-HATE-IT couch and loveseat pair, a mirror that I promptly repainted, a small coffee/side table and a vintage hutch.

I've been looking for a reasonably large, open hutch to display some of my favorite Pyrex. I've been feeling like I was heading towards a Pyrex collection downsizing, and I thought buying a new-to-me hutch, painting it a good color, and filling it with my favorite patterns would go a long way towards easing me into a smaller collection overall.
Here it is! It needs to be painted. Before I saw this hutch, I was sure I wanted it painted turquoise. Now I'm not so sure?

And speaking of turquoise:
I was very surprised to find this set locally. I've never seen all 4 bowls for sale together before. And it actually didn't cost the arm & leg that turquoise Pyrex usually commands, so I was super-duper-thrilled to find them. This is a duplicate set for me, but my other bowls -my birthday set- I have in the kitchen, behind closed doors, so I don't see them until I use them. Now that I have my new hutch, I've got the best of both worlds. I can admire a set and still have one in the kitchen cabinet, all nice and clean and dust-free just waiting to be used.

It's just now starting to be reliably pretty and nice outside now, so hopefully yard sales & estates sales will be worth looking for. I wish us all great luck finding good junk that we just can't live without :-)

Happy Thrifting!