Monday, August 24, 2020

Thrift finds and a Pyrex set completed

Hello friends! It's been a minute. In fact, it's actually been 10 years since I started this blog. Unbelievable!

Social media platforms have changed tremendously over that time, and blogs have been out of fashion for probably longer than I've had mine. But once upon a time this was my favorite place to share thrifty treats and treasures and I'm glad I've kept it even when I haven't actually kept up with it.

My Pyrex journey has been long and winding, with lots of bumps here and there and plenty of rest stops. A lot of my collection has been put up for a few years now and I feel like I've managed to completely forget what I own. I've passed up some good deals at antique stores in the last year thinking I had something already that I didn't. I still have tons of sets missing bowls or lids, cradles or brackets. So I've decided to dig my treasures back out and decide in earnest to complete them if an opportunity presents itself.

This Homestead pattern has never been a personal favorite, but when I spotted the last two small dishes for cheap at an antique store I decided it was time. So here she is, a fridgie set complete. That's good stuff!

Here's the rest of my finds that day - a Woodland refrigerator dish and an oval casserole lid, a thrift find.

This cute little totally misogynist swanky swig set was 99 cents each at a Goodwill. You can't really see the fella in the middle, but he's flanked by one lady seeming to bring him a kettle (presumably for tea) and another lady bringing him slippers. What a life, huh? Who knew sexism could be so charming? Lol.


And finally, a Pyrex butter dish for $1.99 and some Anchor Hocking Gooseberry style underplates in the white colorway I recently found a whole set of pink in. These also seemed to be made in a jadeite-y green that I've never seen in real life. I still cannot find any other shape pieces other than theses small underplates, one size of bowl and two sizes of juice glasses. 

I was also lucky enough to spend a single day on the 127 yardsale route. I spent less than 30 bucks but I love everything I bought and I hope to post that very soon.

Hope you are hanging in there, staying safe and still finding ways to find joy in the little things.

Happy (and Safe!) Thrifting.