Friday, February 8, 2013

Why I thrift

Come to mama!

Sure these guys are battered and bruised, but at $5.99 you'd have to be a very discriminating Fiesta collector to pass these guys up entirely.

Here they are after a bath, best sides showing. I'm in love! The vintage red & yellow add a really nice pop of color to my predominantly blue & green collection - which is not that way deliberately, but just how it's worked out so far.

The damage to the pieces is unfortunate, but it doesn't hinder me at all from thoroughly enjoying these beautiful pieces!

 And on the same day, different thrift, I found this milk glass 1 pint dry measure. It also has a chip, and it very nearly didn't come home with me. I got it for $2.50

 Worse, I actually passed it up altogether, the first time I saw it. I honestly thought it was a reproduction. The milk glass is swirly and has many straw-marks, all characteristics of something cheaply made.

And it probably was cheaply made. Only now I think it could be from the turn of the century - 1920's.

I can only find two bits of information, both auctions. One appeared to just copy and paste the same info from the first auction, so I can't be sure.

And here's where I admit that I'm a dunderhead. I would have bought this anyway. Just cause I liked it. But I probably would have looked at it for years and years without deducing what my husband did in about 8 seconds. -  National Biscuit Company = NABISCO. !!!!

According to the auction house that sold a grouping of turn of the century Nabisco items, these dry measures were given to retailers to measure product out to customers. And when it ran out, they could keep, sell, or give away the glass measuring cup.

How neat! I LOVE the story behind this piece, and it will fit right in with odd collection of depression era glass, half of which has some chip or imperfection anyway. I think I'm a sort of retirement home for half-cracked glass.

The expression 'half-cracked' is telling, isn't it? lol!

Hope you are finding thrifty treats & vintage treasures!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Pyrex 473 casseroles

Thought I'd get out all my Pyrex 473 casseroles for a family portrait.

I honestly didn't know how many of these I had. Worse still, I even forgot one - a Homestead with the decorated lid.

It's ridiculous I know, the amount I have. But I can resist them, obviously. Nor do I really want to.
 Not all these are favorites. I've said to myself over and over again that I was going to sell the ones I'm less in love with. And I might just yet. But at least I have a family portrait to remember them all by, lol.
 These four here are ultimate favorites. Can't choose between them which one I like the most. The red bird pattern, "Friendship" is a recent online purchase. These four patterns are becoming pricey, and "Friendship" seems to be on everyone's most coveted list.
 There's still at least 3 more that I want - bright Daisy yellow with the sunflower pattern lid, Snowflake Blue, and a promotional dish called "Crazy Quilt". But like it goes with Pyrex, just when you think you know just about every pattern and size, something else comes along to covet.

Happy Thrifting!