Saturday, April 25, 2020

pink gooseberry set complete?

I found this set in a thrift store several months ago, but I've fallen completely out of the rhythm of blogging, as well as I had just never gotten around giving them all a bath. So, shamefully, these pretties have languished in a back room until today when the notion struck me to finally make a post.

Here they are!

This is a set of 16 dishes I paid 6 dollars for. As best as I can tell, this is every shape and style they were made it. Please let me know if you have ever found any others, I'd love to know!

They also appear to have been made in two additional colorways, a mint jadeite green and solid white.

They are fairly hard to research, owing to their attribution. Most ebay listings have these as Gooseberry Pyrex, but I can't find any evidence they were actually made by Corning. They appear to me to be go-alongs with a very similar, but not identical, pattern made by a competing company.

These seem like a breakfast set. A cereal bowl, toast plate, a milk glass and a juice glass. They are just so diminutive by today's standards.

The larger glass holds 1 cup. The tiny glass a half cup!

I couldn't resist taking a picture with some other Pink Gooseberry. They are lovely together. Just wish I knew more about who made them and how they were sold. Sometimes pieces like this were giveaways in packages of oats and even powder laundry detergent.

Hope everyone is well. Wishing you and yours safety first and maybe in a turn of good fortune we'll all be back going to thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales and estate sales in the near future!

Happy Thrifting!