Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thrift Desperation

I'll say again, the thrifts have been bleak. My husband swung by GW while out on an early morning errand and returned with this Autumn Harvest Pyrex bowl. He knew I'd tell him to buy it, even though it's not a favorite pattern, and he was right.

I picked up the mug stand and the Centura Butterfly Gold mugs on a different day. I love this kind of mug stand. Since it's my third one, I guess it's become a collection all by itself. But the Centura mugs I probably shouldn't have bought. I feel like I've come full circle with collecting Pyrex. I bought a ton of stuff like this in the beginning, then decided it just wasn't for me and I donated it back. Now, after watching the supply dwindle down to these little pieces only every once in a while, my desperation  hoarder tendencies is getting the better of me.

Two small items for patterns I deliberately collect, a Heartland vegetable bowl, by International China.

And another tray in Country Calico. I keep these with my Heartland collection, they are so much alike. Might have even been donated to the thrift from the same household. This little cow is my second tray, but my other has all 4 of the farm animals on it. I just keep finding pieces I didn't know existed. And I've always found them cheap. Not something I can say for a lot of the other things I collect.

I bought this sweet little piece of Depression Glass believing it was a lid, but apparently it's a tray. Made by Jeannette, also in green and in patterns. I have to say, I was disappointed to give up hope there was a base piece out there in the world that I could possibly reunited this with. It's such a pretty pink.

And as for it being a tray, it's just too tiny! I put it against a large Pyrex 503 refrigerator dish lid. Same width, but quite a bit shorter. Oh why can't you be a fridgie?

And finally, speaking of fridgies - a rare online splurge. Lovely Horizon Blue refrigerator dishes.

I've had all these pieces in my hands at different times over the years. I either thought they were overpriced or that I wasn't collecting this pattern. Well, I paid every penny of yesteryears prices for them, plus shipping. But I'm very glad to have them to add to my very small selection of Horizon Blue pieces. I've come to decide this is one of my core patterns that I will allow myself to hoard even after I've purged some of my less rewarding purchases.

I think I need to take a break from my usual thrift stores. Garden prep and a little bit of planting are consuming more of my free time for the foreseeable future. Thrift trips have left me feeling like I'm totally wasting my time. I have a gardening blog mostly just so I can in theory keep up with exactly when I've planted what. I've done a poor job keeping it updated, but right now it's getting more of my attention than this one here. So if you like gardening, feel free to stop on by!

Hope you are finding swell stuff!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I bought 3 out of the 4 Early American Cinderella bowls out of sheer desperation a while back so I totally get what you are talking about. Things are slowly picking up around here so fingers crossed some good luck heads your way soon!


  2. The thrifts haven't been nice to me lately, either. The pieces I am finding at thrifts... very, very, very few that they are... I want to bring home out of desperation, but I've managed to leave them there with the thought, "the amount I'll spend on the ones I don't want, I can buy one I do want at an antique market." I paid $11 for a Barcode 471 at a market. That's about 2 bowls (or not even) at a thrift.

    Wonder what the deal is? The tough winter keeping the people who donate the treasures we desire (older people...) from donating?

  3. It seems everyone in Canada and the US has the same complaint - nothing at the thrifts!! I would have thought with the bad winter people would have been busy decluttering, but I guess not! I think I am more picky in what I buy now but still, I don't see much that I would even consider!