Saturday, July 30, 2016

A gratitude blog

I believe I'm always complaining on this little blog here how challenging the search for vintage goodies has become.

It has.

But then I follow that sentiment with pictures of the goodies I adore and have found reasonably priced.

So today, I'm going to scrap my complaining and instead say that I feel fortunate and blessed that I'm still finding neat stuff I love, and have the money to spare for it. I'm going to try on an attitude of gratitude, instead of my usual just-plain-ole attitude. Lol. :-)

First up, this is what I believe to be the Glasbake answer to Pyrex primary bowls.

I found just these 3, no larger yellow bowl with them. But I'd never seen them before, only online. And I was really happy to bring these home with me for less than a 20, tax and all. Yay!

These bowls are not marked Glasbake. Just a "J" and a mold number, meaning they likely were produced during the later era of the Glasbake name, 1961- 1983 when Glasbake was owned by Jeannette.

An original sticker of this set from a flickr picture shows a label which says 'ONE OR MORE OF THESE BOWLS WILL FIT MOST OF THE POPULAR ELECTRIC MIXER TURNTABLES'.

(Edited to note that the next picture over from this same flickr member shows these labeled as McKee division of Thatcher glass - an earlier era of the confusing Glasbake history. I can't tell if those bowls in the picture have the "J" mold mark characteristic of other Jeannette-made Glasbake pieces or not. Meaning this particular set might have been in production in a transitional period when the Glasbake changed ownership. That's just speculation on my part, but I love piecing together details whenever I can.)

Another detail I love is the fired-on measurements inside the smallest green bowl. Mine are faded, as you can see, but still plenty nifty.

And more Hazel Atlas cuties! The two pink and one turquoise boomerang glasses add to my small but growing collection of this design. I decided to make these my go-along glasses for my pink, turquoise, and plain white Hazel Atlas Ripple dishes. I don't have enough glasses to really make a set yet, but it's fun to hunt these glasses when I only find one or two at a time every once in a while.

And the pink dancing pigs coctail shaker just spoke to me. Super cute. And pink! Did I mention it's pink? Lol!

Another rarity for me to ever see in the wild, Fire King Swedish Modern mixing bowls in turquoise blue. And actually, I'd never seen this color in the wild before. Just a couple of jadeite ones in a rather expensive antique booth when I first started collecting. And honestly, I paid a middling retail price for them. But still consider myself lucky to have found them considering the dealer working the register that day told me I must have beaten their regular Fire King collector customers to them. I have been told this by more than one dealer in my area that there are a number of Asian collectors that are pretty much strictly Fire King collectors that will buy up pretty much all the jadeite/azurite/turquoise blue they see, even if it's pretty high priced.

But rather than worrying about such things, I'm going to instead try to be happy I found something nifty that has never presented itself to me in the wild for a price I could see paying.

And also, I have absolutely no idea where these guys fall in the size range of the set. They seem like either the largest and next size smaller or the middle two. Either way, I'd say they have room for at least one other bowl to nest inside. If there is indeed a larger bowl, it must be pretty huge. I need to do some research! :-)

And finally, this is a clear glass fired-on red bowl I believe was made by Jeannette, but is unmarked. I believe it is also what could be considered a primary colored bowl set, though the colors are different and could actually pre-date the ubiquitous Pyrex version.

I also suspect this fired-on clear glass was made potentially several decades earlier than when the company purchased the Glasbake name in the 1960's.

It was a lucky thrift store score for 3 dollars. Yay for bargains!

Well, that's got me caught up on my finds of late.

Hope you're finding nifty, cool treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Snowflakes in July

Hey there! Long time no post.

Just haven't been getting out much. I know Summer is the season to yard sale & estate sale, but my schedule doesn't permit a whole lot of that on the weekends. I've hit a few thrifts, but for the most part they are complete busts.

But despite being broke, yesterday we got out and hit up some antique stores a ways away from our normal haunts and actually managed to score not one but TWO Snowflake Pyrex Space Saver casseroles that I didn't already have!

Neither one came with lids, unfortunately, so I used one of my others for the picture. The Charcoal one was my first find of the day, and I felt victorious to find a piece I'd been looking for in the wild for so long. And it was a reasonable $17.50, which made it feel even better.

The turquoise-on-white was found at nearly the last stop of the day. No lid for it either, and it was $15.00. Completely surprised I found two space savers I didn't have in one day for reasonable prices.

Next up, a couple of thrift finds.

These sweet baby pink dish holders were $1.49 for both!


The large Fire King bowl was a find from the same thrift for $5.99. It's the largest of that style Fire King bowl I've ever come across. The Glamalite glasses were actually an antique store score from the other day, but I believe they are also Fire King. I saw an original label online that touted these as insulated to keep cold or hot beverages hot or cold for twice as long, and no need for a coaster. Neat-o!

And finally, the rest of my antique store scores for the day.

These guys are for the birds! Haha. This lidless Friendship divided dish, Country Festival Corning Ware, and duck measuring cups all seem to be bird themed. And they were all bargains, too!

Two all-white teacups from the Hazel Atlas Ripple pattern I collect. And the smaller of the two Olive Medallion oval casseroles. I have the pair of them now, just not the gold version.

Hard to believe the year is halfway over already! There are still two yearly yardsales coming up late summer and fall that I look forward to hitting multiple days of, so I'm pretty much saving my pennies and dimes for them.

Hope you're finding cool treats in this hot summer weather!

Happy Thrifting!