Monday, March 24, 2014

New green Ball jars

I was wondering if you guys had seen these yet?

Apparently, this is the second color of a three color series they are going to do - last year being the blue re-do's that were only available in pint jars.

This time, they made both pint and quart, and I just now noticed the boxes carry the Made in the USA label, so that's always nice.
I'm not sold on the color. Put in a flattering light, I'd call them "Spring Green". But I really think of it as Easter Grass or Dill Pickle green - which is fine - but I woulda shoved Gramma outta my way to buy case after case of these jars if they were true Depression Glass green.

Here it is with last years blue perfect mason- style jar. I use these pints as drinking jars. I put a couple of the quarts in the cabinet for me and my husband to also use as drinking jars, but once I realize how kinda ridiculously big a serving that would be, I put a 'water-only' stipulation on them.

I got my hopes up dreaming next years color would be pink. That would be sorta the holy trinity of vintage colors right there, but my husband burst my bubble reminding me that it's more likely to be a yellow or amber jar, if they are indeed really modeling these after their original jars.

Way to go, hubs. Way to go bursting a girls dream like that.


Anyways, I like these just for the sheer fact that I really do think I'm going to try my hand at water bath canning this year. Today's new stuff may pale in comparision to my love of the vintage, but I'd never can with vintage jars, so I'm thankful to have something kinda cool of my own for my first year's canning attempts.

On the thrift front I've found nothing...nada...zilch. I've got a birthday coming up in May, so I'm trying to convince myself that all this nothing-to-buy is just saving up for my birthday trip.

Anyways, hope you are finding nifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. If they came out with pink jars, I would buy so many I would have to come up with a new room in my house just to store them all!

    I bought a set of the blue last year and I love them. I'm not too fond of the green but I'm sure I will still buy a set just to have them.

    Have an awesome day!!


  2. So glad you let us know about these! I'll have to find myself some, and yes, pink would be FABULOUS!