Friday, February 20, 2015

A couple of finds

It's been freezing cold and all manner of ice, sleet and snow around these parts lately, so I haven't been out much. Didn't even hit the town for Valentine's Day, like we typically do.

I did however find this lovely blue doily casserole at the flea market. For ten bucks, I didn't even try to bargain it down. This is the smaller sized casserole, though it looks larger in the picture. I've had the lid for its larger sized version since very early on in my collecting days, but have never seen the turquoise base to complete it. I've never quite understood why they paired this color base with a dark blue lid?

And my one thrift find is this unmarked almost lavender-colored melmac mixing bowl. It has a size number on it of 111, and it's the same shape and size as a marked Texas ware bowl I have. But poking around on ebay I noticed that Brookpark made bowls with the same shapes and marking numbers. So this could be either of those or neither. The fact that it's not marked is, I'm guessing, the only reason it made it to the shelves at Goodwill. I'm pretty sure they are sending off everything even vaguely vintage to their website these days. Either way, I like it a lot and it's a welcome addition to my new and vintage melmac bowl collection.

Hope you're finding good stuff these days. The antique stores and thrifts around here are pretty bare and whatever they do have is crazy priced. It's a lean time of year around here for vintage goodies, that's for sure.

Happy Thrifting!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

For the love of vintage

Do you have any newly made vintage-inspired items you've bought lately? Or do you only stick to the originals? For myself, it's really hard to justify newly made kitchen stuff no matter how cute it is simply because I've got so much vintage. But once in a while, something really strikes my fancy and I have to buy it anyway.

I've been buying the new colored Ball jars since they came out with blue. I'd just read about the purple ones when I saw them yesterday at Kmart. I believe they are also supposed to be the larger size in these too, but they didn't have any of them. I love the large quart jars for water glasses, pint size for fizzy drinks. Good portion control. I just wish they'd made the large jars in blue. I wonder why they didn't?

And as much as I really don't need any more Pyrex (especially NEW Pyrex), I still have been buying the seasonal patterns when I've seen them at Target. I've missed a few that seem to only be at stores nowhere near me. I believe they are doing this style dish in a New Dots homage pattern. I bet those will sell really well to collectors and non-collectors alike :-)

And finally, I had a ten dollar off coupon at JC Penney's, so I splurged and bought a 4 bowl Zak designs nesting bowl set. I already had the extra-large blue bowl, so the 4 bowl set nests right inside it. As much as I love the vintage Texas ware confetti bowls, the bright colors of the Zak designs bowls lured me in. I also have a few Rachael Ray garbage bowls because of the style and colors.

JC Penney, however, gets on my nerves. These bowls used to be 38 dollars when they were "fair and square" pricing. Now the same bowls that have been sitting there for years have had their prices re-stickered to 62 dollars, so they can be on 30% - 40% for $34.99.

On the other hand, their coupons and gimmicks got me to walk back into a store, so I guess they were right after all. Either way, I got my bowl set, and if I buy anymore Zak bowls it will likely be when they turn up at Tuesday Morning or TJ Maxx.

On the thrift/antique store front, I really haven't been shopping in a while. And when I have, the shelves have been very, very bare. I'm hanging a lot of hope on yard sale season and warmer weather!

Hope you've been finding thrifty treats and treasures!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

200th post

This is my 200th post :-)  And later this summer will be my 5th year blogaversary. I've updated pretty sporadically but it's been neat having a record of when I've bought what - assuming I remembered to blog it in the first place.

I've all but stopped shopping and thrifting lately. Life swings up sometimes and just derails the fun. But I did get to go out once last week and found something pretty cool! So I'm happy.

This was my one thrift find. I had no idea they made this Medallion pattern on a pie plate. I thought when I first saw it that it was the Blue Cornflower pattern I've passed up a few times before. 

Hubs and I hit up several more thrift stores and a couple of antique stores, but bought nothing else. I commented that I thought I was going to go home pretty much empty handed today. But at the last place we stopped I found these:

Several years ago, I bought 3 of these bowls online and I've been missing the smallest one ever since. This set was complete - pricey, but way less than ebay, so I went for it. This is one of those Pyrex sets I'd buy in triplicate or worse as long as the price was something I could live with.

Hope you're finding nifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Favorite finds from 2014

Recently I've seen several folks do a recap of their favorite finds of 2014 which I thought was a great idea! So I spent a little while looking over my photos and deciding what my standout favorites were.

First off, I found my first Cathrineholm. The skillet was an unmarked Goodwill find and the bowl is an unmarked square pattern that isn't as frequently seen as the popular Lotus design. I would be thrilled to find more pieces in the wild for good prices!

I thrifted these sweet little McKee Glasbake custard cups for 99 cents total. I love polka dots!

I also found a vintage holy grail - a custard McKee dots dish! In the same antique store I found the Snowflake Blue dish to finish my round casseroles (470's) and got a fantastic deal on some pink fridgies!

On the Fire King front, I bought the blue band and pink band bowls to complete my Stripes set.

I also thrifted my favorite Fire King mug ever - a 99 cent reStore purchase.

These original ads were antique store purchases, but were inexpensive - I spent 3 times what I paid for them to frame them, lol!

I didn't realize when I thrifted this vintage Lisa Frank lunch bag just how much I'd use it and love it. It's held drinks and snacks for my husband and I on many a yard sale day/antique trek. It also seems like Lisa Frank is on a major resurgance lately. I saw so many different knickknacky Lisa Frank items at the Dollar General around Christmas this year, I requested them for my stocking stuffers.

And speaking of yard sales, this is one of my very favorite finds of the year. And it definitely wins for best yard sale score.

I wish I had the slightest idea who made these canisters. They are unmarked. Chances are good they were sold nested with only a sticker on them or a cardboard holder/box.

The turquoise set was a junk store find earlier in the year. Each set was 5 bucks! I really want to know who made these and what color combinations exist!

And on the Pyrex front, I thrifted a new cabinet (that I still haven't painted!) to store some of my favorite pieces. I've toyed around with the idea for years of taking a turquoise Pyrex mixing bowl with me to have color matched at the store, and this year I think I'm really going to do it. It might make me rethink what pieces I have on display, but that's okay with me. What I'd really like to do is turquoise on the outsides and as the drawer color, but white shelves and insides with white framing the whole piece. I'd also like to measure the backs of the shelves and have some kind of thin wood that could be painted or framed with fabric. I'd start off with black & white chevrons, but I'd also like to try just a solid lime green as well.

 I found my second turquoise bowl set in the wild, and I shamelessly snapped them up.

I also very recently added my first piece of turquoise bakeware.

I also scored my very first Pyrex in the original box!

And added a couple of great Horizon Blue pieces to my collection. I love those decorated opal lids so much!

Added two Friendship pieces I'd never seen in the wild before.

Also recently added these unusual labware pieces to my collection. Butterfly Gold looks really neat in blue!

Finally, to round out the year, I added a couple of Christmas items that were high on my wishlist. First I found several working strands of bubble lights at a yard sale for 10 bucks, then I added 7 more boxes via thrift stores!

I also bought my favorite favorite favorite box of Shiny Brites I've ever seen for sale. I paid the price for them, but I'm totally okay with that. Love 'em!

So I think this is the longest post ever! I'm sure I've forgotten things, and failed to post some good stuff. Maybe sometime I will catch up with the rest of the world, get a smartphone and do that ole instagram thing all the kool kats and hep chicks are talking about.

I've not really gotten out so far this year. Went thrifting once. Found a lady head vase for my mom and few Pyrex mugs, but that's it so far. Hopefully we'll hit the town by Valentine's Day and find some new treasures.

Looking forward to finding all sorts of neat treasures in 2015!

Happy Thrifting!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Thrift scores and a day on the town

This Caboodle is one of those 1980's childhood nostalgia items that came home with me despite having no idea what I was going to do with it. It might replace the train case I'm currently using to hold makeup. I actually still have my childhood one (it's light pink and purple) but I couldn't resist this black & white one with hot pink interior.
Continuing the trend of finding my entire American Sweetheart depression glass collection via thrift stores, I got these sherbets with metal holders for $1.99 a piece. To my knowledge, these are the only clear pieces in the American Sweetheart pattern, though MacBeth Evans did produce other patterns and colors with these same metal holders. I wanted to show one out of the holder and flipped so you can see how the glass was actually made. 
Since my husband and I were a bit disappointed with our big trip out this last Wednesday, we took the opportunity yesterday to go in a different direction and go to some other out-of-the-way antique stores. I bought this empty Shiny Brite box for two dollars to hold some of my smaller, loose ornaments. I didn't photograph it well, but I love the detail of Uncle Sam shaking Santa's hand.

Truthfully, I paid a small fortune for both of these pieces, but as my husband said to me in the antique store, I'm getting to the point in my collection where pieces I want, but don't have already, are becoming harder and harder to find, and they are probably going to be fairly expensive when I do.

I got the turquoise 2 quart baker (my first piece of turquoise bakeware!) for 30 dollars and felt rather bad for being willing to pay so much. Curiosity got the better of me, so when I got home I checked ebay for what they were going for, and pretty much immediately changed my outlook. Now I feel like it was practically a steal. (Well, maybe not a steal, but a good deal, nonetheless :-)

The 2 1/2 quart Snowflake Blue casserole was the first time I'd seen this piece in the wild, so I went for it. Merry Christmas to me! I'm getting pretty close to a complete collection of this pattern - even the matching Corelle. I love it!

I also have a couple of items still soaking in a nice, warm bath that I'm saving for another post!


I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to get out and hunt for this stuff. Every trip my husband and I take together is a memory I won't soon forget. I frequently complain on this blog about prices, prices, prices, but in truth, I still love collecting Pyrex. It's been a really fun hobby. Thrift shopping and antiquing are something my husband and I really love to do together. And though we are looking for different types of items, so many times he's spotted something for me that he knows I like, and I just enjoy that so much - seeing him with something in his hands he knows I'm looking for. And he's actually pretty darn good at it, too!

I'm grateful that we have had the health to get out and go places together. And that we've had the disposable income to set aside purely for enjoyment. That is a real blessing and a true gift.

I sincerely wish everyone a very *Wonderful Christmas* Happy Hanukkah* Happy Holidays*, and a much blessed and prosperous *New Year*!

Happy Thrifting!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Butterfly Blue

My husband and I headed out yesterday to an antiques district we generally only go to a few times a year.

When we both began the prowl for vintage we used to find tons of treasures - more than we could  afford! But these days, there's more stores/booths than ever, but just not what we are looking for, and hardly anything actually vintage! So much decor, TJ Maxx-style home furnishings, and repainted furniture. I am no longer a fan of chalk paint/milk paint or any other distressed-look style. I've just seen far too much of it in the last couple of years.

So hubs and I left almost empty handed. In fact, we spent more on lunch at Cracker Barrel than we did shopping, and that's counting both of us combined.

I love the things I did get though!
This is a small stack of scratch-and-dent Homer Laughlin pieces. The rippled edges are Riviera and the small round plate is Carnival. They were a dollar a piece, and I just couldn't pass them up at that price, despite small chips and glaze skips. Riviera and Carnival are my two favorite lines in Homer Laughlin to collect. It's much more rare for me to pick up a new piece of either than it is to find a tempting piece of Fiesta, so I basically collect it all. My dream is to buy either a geniune vintage medical cabinet stand to display my pieces in or to get the one they currently sell at Ikea in jadeite green.
And here's some Butterfly Gold I know for a fact that my mom doesn't have. And I'm not giving these to her because they are just too weird and cool.

According to pyrexlove and corellecorner, these were a gift item in 1977, commemorating Corning's first patent. Corelle corner references original packaging, but sadly, I can't find any pictures of what that might look like.

My husband thought they were the Blue Cornflower Corningware pattern when I showed these to him. I wouldn't have known what they were if I hadn't seen them several years ago via the flickr group. These are definitely my favorite Butterfly Gold items!

Hope you are having great luck and finding most excellent treasures!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thrift Scores

Seems to be a running theme here that I've been absent for a couple of weeks. This time it's been because of an awful flu my husband caught first, then of course I caught it. Still not over it after a week & a half, we both just wanted to get out of the house for a little while yesterday.

So we went thrifting & popped into a couple of our favorite nearby antique stores. Here's my loot:

I cannot even say how much I love these ornaments. They were an antique store splurge, but I had to have them. This was the first time I've found a box of Shiny Brites for less than 25 dollars a box, and half of them are my favorite - indents! So I went for it.

I also picked up a copy of a Southern-based antiques magazine called the Busy Bee Trader, which also happened to have this fantastic article on the history of Shiny Brites. Found out something I never knew - that Corning produced these ornaments. Yet another Corning product I collect and never knew it!
These Friendship casseroles were together like they were a pair, and no sign of the other pieces that actually did come with originally. I had one already, with the opal version of the lid, so now I've got one of each and a spare. I just can't pass up Friendship if it's at all reasonably priced. Last time I saw a piece of Friendship in the wild, it was a 403 mixing bowl for 30 dollars. Ouch!

And here's my two thrift finds:
Couldn't get a good picture of this baby pink Rubbermaid silverware tray. I have the exact same one in turquoise already, but it was probably made a bit more recently than this one. The pink has an older, cursive script on the Rubbermaid logo, but my turquoise one has the current logo, a block script inside an oval shape.

And finally, this piece of Markley descoware has been put through the ringer, but I had to buy it anyway. I love the pattern! My husband spotted it for me. I think his hunting instincts come out when we go thrifting and antiquing. It's both sweet and maddening at the same time, because he's always racing ahead to try to find the good stuff, but he's calling me over while I'm still looking somewhere he's already moved on from. I lag behind because I'm looking for possibly buried treasure!

Hope this has been a good week for you!

Happy Treasure Hunting!