Monday, May 22, 2017

Birthday loot and a couple of yardsale finds

This is the nicest grouping of Riviera I've ever run into. It was reasonably priced in an antique mall, and it was my birthday, so perfect time to splurge!

The juice pitcher is a first for me. I'd never even seen one in real life before now. I was happy with the price and happier still that all my bigger serving pieces from this line are turning out to be one of each color.

All the pieces are in surprisingly excellent shape, given that Riviera is pretty prone to chipping. Most of the rest of my pieces have some imperfections but I am now getting to the point where I'd like to start removing the ones with the most damage, until I have a mostly undamaged collection.

The rest of my finds are yardsale. I spent around 5 bucks for the lot. The red refrigerator dishes came with extra lids - who doesn't love that!?

The pink ashtrays are either Depression Glass or repro's, I haven't looked them up to determine. And the little syrup was another sweet little find to add to my growing pink kitchenware collection.

I've had a pretty good week yardsaling recently, but I don't have my goodies photographed yet, so hopefully I will do that soon.

Hope you're finding great junk out there!

Happy Thrifting!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thrift loot

I've been hitting the thrift stores a little bit lately. It's still mostly misses but just enough good stuff slips through to keep me coming back for more.

The other days find were these yellow vintage Dansk Kobenstyle pieces. They were 6 dollars each and another couple of dollars for the lids - no matching dishes to go with them, unfortunately. I have only a handful other pieces of Kobenstyle, all thrifted.

These all have chips around the edges, but the cooking surfaces are in good shape and I actually look forward to using them! The baker is very large. The scant bit of research I did on them when I got home gave me the impression this was the largest baker available. And from the lid sizes, the covered pot is the medium sized of the set.

I believe these are enamel over steel, which would seem like a good budget alternative (and lighter weight) than the enameled cast iron pieces popular during this same time period. I have a few of those as well, and it's impressive how heavy cast iron can be, especially in the larger pieces!

I bought this chip and dip set halfway hoping I had a bracket at home that would fit it. But I did not. So the search continues! lol

A few more thrift finds. The red JSNY tray is a part of a seemingly neverending pattern called "Country Calico" metalware and ceramics that I started picking up to dovetail in with my International China "Heartland" dishes - neither of these sets I have any need of whatsoever! I have a house full of dishes and my Heartland set is one of those things that's always on the chopping block but never manages to get cut.

The Pyrex was another moment where I really, really did not need doubles of things I have already. But they just hopped into my hands. I really do think I have emotional weakness to decorated opal lids. Even in a not-favorite pattern, they are just so cute. At least the lid and refrigerator dish were cheap!

And finally, and antique store purchase. I hemmed and hawwed about getting this damaged, incomplete set for the 25 dollar asking price, but then noticed the booth was on 30% off. So I got them. The lettering on the tea canister is the best, but the canister itself is cracked. I don't use these plastic canisters anyway, they are for cuteness factor only, but it's always nice to find your pretties in pristine condition. I rarely do, but I imagine it's nice - lol!

I've found quite a bit of pink kitchen goodies in the last few months. Probably more than I've accumulated over all the years I've been collecting vintage goodies. No idea why, but I'm certainly not complaining.

Hope you're finding thrifty treats and treasures where you are!

Happy Thrifting!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Pyrex haul!

I bought a few good pieces of Pyrex the other day and realized on the way home that it's been positively ages since I've had an honest-to-goodness Pyrex haul.

And even though it's just 3 pieces and a Hazel Atlas mug, it's all really good stuff I truly enjoy. The Horizon Blue piece completed a 470 set, and the elusive (and expensive! I splurged!) pink Butterprint brings me one step closer to a completed set. Just need one more of it and a mixing bowl to complete all the standard Butterprint pieces!

Finding several good pieced of Pyrex at once was a much needed reprieve from this winter. And funny enough, this was my brains version of a victory song, so I thought I'd share (and perpetuate some feel-good 90's nostalgia!) Enjoy!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

A very dry winter

My poor blog. It's been so long since I've had a thing to post.  My area thrift stores dried up ages ago. And the local antique stores have been really scant on the things I collect/very expensive. So I've stopped going nearly so much. Truth be told, I've shifted a lot of my "pretties" money into another even more expensive habit - Makeup. But that's another story, lol.

I did get out the other day and find this cute apple salt and pepper set. A little damaged, but it was coming home with me regardless. No markings whatsoever. I've seen this same set in red with green leaves, and poking around online I've seen it in other colorways. I'd love to find them all. They have that same 50's color choice between pink, red, turquoise, yellow and green that I love so much in canister sets and plastic wall clocks that I find completely, compulsively irresistible. So I'm definitely on the hunt for more!

This little freezer container is marked Foley, a company I already look out for - mostly for their metal measuring tools and some plastic kitchware. But I had no idea they ever made anything in pink. This was a rare-these-days Goodwill purchase for 99 cents.

I couldn't get a good picture of this lidded mixing bowl storage container made by Stanley Home Products. When I looked it up, I found it was the largest of an adorable nesting set. I did not see any others at the thrift when I picked this up, but I was happy the one I found was in pink!

And my final pink purchase was this beat-up set of pink Pyrex dishes. I don't know if these will clean up much, and I probably shouldn't have bought them, but pink Pyrex, ya know! Bought them anyways.

These Miller Studios chalkware pieces were also GW purchases, .49 cents each. Between my set of two cats and two birds, I think I've unofficially begun collecting Miller Studios chalkware.

Only the aqua bowl is new, but I took its picture with the small yellow bowl I picked up and probably never blogged. I have no idea what this pattern is called. It's Federal Glass. And I have no idea if any other colors exist, if these were part of a single set or just two loose bowls from solid color sets. I'd love to know the name of the pattern. It so hard to research this guy. It's like, "what do I Google? Flower swirly circle dot thing?" I'm dubbing it Floral Scroll and leaving it at that, lol.

And finally, Pyrex Space Savers. Two casseroles with one lid I just picked up today at the flea market for 20 dollars.

 I had the smallest of the set already, so I decided to take it out of my display, wash it up and put it in the kitchen cabinets with my doubles when I noticed these got screenprinted differently. (The acorns face down on the top dish and up on the bottom dish.

I have two pink gooseberry 473's that also have the upside down screen printing. It's not really a noticeable thing, but neat to see some occasional variations that happened over the years.

Anyways, so that's all caught up for the several months (!) absence from this blog. Hopefully the weather will get nicer soon and maybe some yard sales and estate sales will start happening.

Hope you're finding cool junk wherever you are!

Happy Thrifting!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Catching up

 Long time no post!

I really haven't been hitting the thrifts and antique stores like I used to. So goes the tale that the things I look for seem to have disappeared. But the other day, I was out of town for other things, but a Goodwill was nearby, and of course I had to pop in just in case. Lo and behold, Pyrex -AND- something else I collect too - random Starburst silverware!

This is yet another pattern I didn't have a single piece in. I think I'm up to 6 or 7 different starburst patterns. Who knew there were so many? This particular find was super exciting because it has so many forks. Forks are always the hardest to find for me. And I get to the point where I start leaving behind butter knives, because they'd outpace my forks and spoons by dozens each. Maybe someday I will have amassed a single pattern sets worth.

The Pyrex was a super surprising, super exciting find for me, no matter what the pattern. This may be the first Pyrex I've pulled out of a Goodwill in my area in two years or more. It's really been that dry. I was a little disappointed to find after I got home with it that the Butterfly Gold casserole has an almost invisible chip on the bottom. I don't trust chipped pieces to heat in any way, in case the glass has been even more damaged than the naked eye reveals, so I'm keeping this piece instead of giving it to my mom, like I typically would (it's her pattern).

And I couldn't believe it when I realized I didn't have the divided dish already! It's a super bonus when I find a piece I don't have! These guys were cheap and cheerful for 2.99 and 3.99!

And I discovered that Pyrex made another minor appearance this month in the November issue of Country Living magazine. Almost the very last page of the magazine. In previous years since I started collecting, there's been an article on Pyrex collecting in Country Living two other times, if memory serves, they've typically been the May issue (right at my birthday, so that explains why I remember that, lol!)

I also added two of the newest Pioneer Woman jadeite cake stands to my collection.

I bought myself two of the original style stands when they first came out (and were 19.96), then repurchased another single when they came out with the redesign for 10 dollars more.

Since, they've dropped the price a few dollars on the largest one and introduced two more. Each one is slightly different in how they are shaped, but they are quite similar and match well.

These two largest ones can be inverted for trifles, desserts, even a small punch. The tinest one is made the same as these but the knob of the lid is just too large to rest inside the inverted base.

As for the quality, I think these are fine for the price. The knobs are a great improvement from the first version. The two smaller are truer to vintage jadeite in color than the first one I bought, though that may have changed since I bought mine. Let me know in the comments if you have these cakes stands and notice color differences.

A few issues here in the dome. Mine have air bubbles in the glass. Both domes. And I would have loved to see the glass be more smooth and rounded-off on the way it connects to the base. It's a pretty blunt cut, not noticeable when it's closed, but when you lift it off it's just not as finished-looking. But for the price, I'm loving the fact that I have Jadeite cake stands with domes. You just can't beat it. And I love having them on the table and using them for everyday things. I'm pretty sure I made a cake the other day just to put it in the cake stand, lol!

And finally, ornaments. Beautiful, beautiful, delicious Shiny Brite ornaments to add to my collection! And for thrift store prices too! So exciting!

These boxes were a dollar each. The red Shiny Brite box contained some plain ornaments I'm probably going to redonate, and is missing it's lid, but for a dollar, I'm not going to pass it up. The plain bottom is filled with solid color Shiny Brites. I had the intention to move the ornaments to the Shiny Brites bottom, but then I found all these:

newer Radko Shiny Brites

These beeee-yoooo-tee-ful ornaments were a dollar fifty a bag! Choirs of angels singing! Haha.

I rarely, rarely find good ornaments. And when I do, they typically run around 25 a box. Lots of antique stores around here use the original boxes as staging and sell the ornaments for 2-5 dollars each. Which is why I choke a bit at ornaments wreaths and such. I can't even imagine being somewhere where these are abundant and cheap enough to use for wreaths.

But this -IS- the South, where no trip to your local antique store is complete without seeing at least one 100+ Primary bowl set, and you are likely enough to actually see things like a Butterfly Gold Cinderella set for say, $120 or so. It's nuts.

And I was so excited to try to integrate these individual ornaments to my collection I completely forgot to take pictures of any of them. I may try to photograph them when I get them out to actually put on the tree.

So those are pretty much my finds for the last month plus. Hope you're finding fabulous goodies!

Happy Thrifting!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A few finds and Pyrex makeup storage

This bowl is unmarked, but I know it to be Jeannette by a picture I saved from heaven-only-knows where, on my computer stash of dish images and info. There is an Anchor Hocking set using the exact same colors fired on clear glass that is almost always a source of confusion for its similarities.

I believe these bowls pre-date opal Pyrex, and that the shapes and were colors chosen to compete more with popular, colorful pottery items of the time, like vintage Fiesta.

Here it is nesting with my large red bowl I found very recently as well:

Just need a small yellow bowl now to complete this set. I also have half of the refrigerator dish set from this line - just missing the small, green refrigerator dish.

And here's another oddity I didn't know existed - a Lustro ware 45 record box.

I also discovered while researching this guy that Lustro ware also made a mailbox. Who'da thunk it?

At some point, many Lustro ware items were banned by the Environmental Protection Agency, under the Toxic Substances Control Act first passed by Congress in 1976.

Despite this knowledge, I keep bread items in a vintage red Lustro ware bread box. Living dangerously, right? At this point, I've become so cynical about what's safe and what's not that I just assume whatever we are told now will be corrected 20 years later, so I might as well chose my toxicants based on beauty and usability and leave it to God for the rest.

And a few more cheap and cheerful odds and ends:

Two more Hazel Atlas holiday glasses for my collection, and another little tulip glass, which oddly was my second one in as many days. The other was already washed up and in use in my bathroom so it didn't make the photography session, lol.

I also picked up this dark ivory Fire King swirl platter and Pyrex Spices casserole.

And I managed to finally satisfy my hunch/belief that this casserole is indeed a darker color than Sandalwood.

But not by much. I'd say it's halfway between Sandalwood and the lighter Caramel shade in Woodland. Which makes sense, since Spices was produced at the same time as Woodland, in the last days (*sniff*) of opal Pyrex.

And finally, I picked up this rack for 5 dollars. I had the idea a while back to use some of my refrigerator dish hoard to relocate and house my makeup.

ROY G BIV Pyrex love
I don't have a whole lot in the makeup department. My sister-in-law has gotten into makeup with a fervor  - (I guess you could say she's the same way about makeup right now as I've been about Pyrex). And it's somewhat rubbed off on me.

I've stepped foot in Sephora and Ulta a few times this year. I've bought 4 whole things that have set me back a hundred bucks (ouch!) and have watched the frenzy now of the must have palettes/highlights enough times now to feel like I have some idea of what's up, but also know that I absolutely cannot afford much of any of it unless I win the lotto.

My bad joke on the whole thing is: Instead of a Kat Von D, I'm like a Dollar Von Tree.

(Hey, at least the Dollar Tree has some cool Wet N Wild things from time to time, so I'm not entirely out of luck.)

I also think that on some level, the Pyrex popularity surge of the last couple of years has left a little hole in my happiness that I think I'm looking around a bit to fill with something else. I don't know that makeup is it, but it certainly can take up the money and time if you let it.

I just wish I could channel this need into something cheap and useful, like learning piano or Spanish or American Sign Language. Right this minute all I can seem to youtube are horrible makeup tutorials. lol.

Anyways, that's all for now!

Hope you're out finding stuff that is just the Cat's Pajamas!

Happy Thrifting!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Anniversary goodness

Another anniversary spent out of town, looking for more vintage goodness.

I didn't turn up a whole lot. Found a few things I would have loved if the price had been right. Little by little I'm learning not to get too excited when I see something I want before I see the price tag.

Here's the loot I did bring home:

A chippy, but charming, vintage Fiesta teapot in Cobalt blue. 8 small pink MacBeth Evans Dogwood plates I got from a super cheap and cheerful booth.

And two pieces of Pyrex - the Snowflake Blue because I needed it to complete my 480 casserole set, and a duplicate *ahem* triplicate red Friendship casserole set I bought because I wanted it to replace the duplicate piece I have that has a small chip in the handle.

And Hooray! I found the new must-have Pyrex! And on our wedding anniversary, no less!

A very kind Walmart employee with a magical scanner device hunted these down for me. We were at least an hour and a half away from home, so I felt a little bit like a poacher, checking 'someone elses' Walmart. But it was the end of the night and we still had a long drive home, and tired as we already were we thought we might as well check yet another Walmart for these.

Plus I was hoping we'd have some anniversary luck. And we did! Good thing too because 'my Walmart' can't find these dishes, and the ones nearby have already sold all theirs/have them on order/can't find/haven't gotten them.

I wanted to take a picture of them with the original vintage dishes I thought were closest in size. These are 472's  (the middle size).

The Butterprint pattern is really close in size to the original, but as you can see, the Snowflake Blue pattern is quite a bit bigger, as well as a darker color than the original.

I also realized that this is the first time in nearly 50 years that Pyrex has actually produced the Butterprint pattern. Nifty!

And finally, my husband got the Twin Peaks soundtrack lp for me as a surprise anniversary gift.

I was a weird kid. I remember there being buzz about Twin Peaks before it started, enough so that I remember watching the two hour premiere.

It came on as a mid-season replacement on ABC. I remember me and my grandmother sitting there, watching the opening credits.

I was mesmerized by the music. It was the second time in my young life that the music from something just grabbed me up and stuck in my brain. (The other song, in case you were wondering, which I'm sure you aren't, was when Bo and Hope got married on Days of our Lives. Lol.)

When I was in high school I saw the soundtrack on cassette tape, for sale, used and cheap, so my broke teenager self bought it. And played it CONSTANTLY. It was moody and weird and melodic and quirky and just everything that I loved.

I have spent my adult life buying Twin Peaks (the series) in pretty much every format it's ever been in. Had a boyfriend or two that said they'd done the same thing with buying Star Wars in its many incarnations.

It's been long enough that I watched the VHS box set go from the record store price of $149.00 (pre-internet days), to $85.00 or so though Amazon (dial-up internet days), to used media store price of $12.99 (so cheap I bought a second copy, lol).

I've yet to pony up for the blu ray. I'm sure I will at some point. But for now, I just enjoy the warm, creepy feeling I get when I listen to my snazzy new vinyl lp.

Anyways, that's all for now.

Hope you're finding cool treats and nifty treasures!

Happy Thrifting!