Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's a sickness

You know it's a sickness when you like something so much you just keep buying it again and again. That's how I felt when I bought home these canisters from one of my favorite local antique stores.

Coffee here has seen better days, and the sugar canister is missing altogether. I already have the complete set of these as far as I know - which is flour, sugar, coffee, tea, and a cookie canister the same size as this largest-sized flour canister. I've never seen any sign of anything else, like spices, salt, pepper or a grease jar. But who knows, they could still be out there. Anything is possible!

I've also picked up one lone tea canister in this turquoise color that has silver lettering. In person, I've seen (and have) white lettering & silver lettering. But in pictures I've seen gold as well as black. And as far as colors, I personally have pink, turquoise, white and pale butter yellow. I also had an avocado color once upon a time. In pictures I've seen what appears to be bright yellow and red colorways.

I seem to have luck finding these unmarked canisters. Must have been local favorites. I've learned from the fabulous blog that these canisters are Stanley Home Products. Always great to solve a vintage dish mystery!

I picked up these two Glasbake pieces the other day. I adore the bird pattern. I'd only ever seen in on blogs before now. I suspect this pattern was only available as bakeware. I've never seen any evidence of mixing bowls. I think - but don't know for sure - that several Glasbake patterns were only sold as a box set of bakeware with different variations on what all came with. I think this particular pattern might have come with glass mugs.

I wish Glasbake held up as well as Pyrex. Some of the patterns are really great. I just don't think the glass itself has survived the years with nearly the prolificness of Pyrex.

And finally, a couple more thrift store treasures. You can never have too many refrigerator dish lids. It had a chip I smoothed out with super fine grit sandpaper. I also picked  up this small round Horizon Blue casserole. It was 6 dollars at the thrift, a price I was so not thrilled about paying.

And after I washed it up and put it in my daily users cabinet, I noticed I could make this little configuration here.

It's like a fantasy primary set! The colors of course are a bit off from the original primary bowls, but I couldn't resist putting them together. From top to bottom here are Horizon Blue, Friendship, and Daisy, just in case you are like me and get confused about the solid color pieces.

Well, that's all for now.

Hope you're junk runs have been productive and cool!

Happy Thrifting!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Pioneer Woman Jadeite Cake Stand: Discontinued version versus Timeless Beauty redesign

On a lark, I decided to check ebay for how much the discontinued Pioneer Woman jadeite cake stands were selling for. Originally, when I bought mine, these were just shy of 20 dollars in the store, but since they were discontinued so quickly, it seemed to start a buying frenzy on ebay for them, and last time I had checked, there were several sold between $120-150 dollars.

Back when they came out, I bought all 4 they had in the store at the time, with the intention of keeping two for myself and giving one each to my mom and mother-in-law for Christmas gifts. But when I opened them up and checked them, one of them was cracked. I returned that one and gave one to my mom.

I went to another Walmart within the week and found one in good condition (I checked before I even got out of the store) to replace the one I'd returned, only to be denied purchase at the register.

That was frustrating. I don't know why they wouldn't let me buy it. The register just wouldn't allow the item to be purchased.

I kept tabs on that page of their site, as well as their facebook page, curious about what happened and when/if they'd get more in. Many customers posted reviews and complaints similar to mine, such as cracks or places where the glass was glued badly. The packing material was pretty scant and it seemed like many were arriving to the store already broken.

Walmart posted on their facebook page that the item was discontinued and a redesigned version would be available in the Spring.

So when I randomly checked a couple of days ago on ebay, I noticed there was a new version. I looked it up on the Walmart dot com site and they have it for sale, only now it is 10 dollars more and a bit different.

Here are the boxes side by side:

The box is slightly taller. Inside is much, much better packing materials. Styrofoam in between the two pieces and all the way around it, unlike the original version which just had cushioning in between the pieces and on the top and bottom of the box. I'd actually trust this new one to survive shipping. I don't think you could buy the original one online and have it shipped from the site? I don't remember now. It might have just sold out online before I could get one.

But as for the actual cake stand, mine is a darker green. On the box itself, I noticed they've changed from calling it Jadeite to Timeless Beauty. No mention of jadeite whatsoever on this new one. My husband, who likes to surprise me by remembering random facts I've read in glassware books, immediately said "looks like Skokie green", which is a darker shade of jadite produced in the 1930's by McKee glass, rather than the more famous shade popularized by Anchor Hocking's Fire King line.

In general, I think the redesign is nice. The top of the dome is much, much easier to lift, and just had a nicer, more stable grip overall.

On the negative side, this one has the glumped-up glue that other folks seemed to have issues with on the earlier version. I was not happy with the difference in color. In general, it's fine, it just stands out. If you're looking for a match to your vintage Fire King, this may not do it for you. Or mine may be unusually dark, I'm not sure? My store only had one out, and the way the shelf was set did not seem to allow for more than one to even be out at a time. So if you're looking for one, I'd flag down an employee and ask if there are more on hand. Or skip the store altogether and order online.

I also wasn't thrilled this one is ten dollars more for essentially the same piece. It's still much cheaper than other jadeite stands that don't even come with a dome. And I really love the dome redesign. In fact, if I could, I'd buy the dome alone to pair with a cake stand that didn't come with one.

Generally, it's the same weight (light) and quality of the original piece, only now it's packaged better and has a nicer dome. The change in price and color is what I personally was disappointed with. I'd love to see more jadeite items in the Pioneer Woman line, but I'd much, much prefer the lighter color that blends with the vintage jadeite I collect.

Hope you're finding thrifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Birthday Loot

So we went out shopping on the day of my birthday. I was completely happy with the pink Ripple Hazel Atlas dishes I'd just gotten, so I was going to be content if I didn't find another thing. But instead, I found a piece of Blue Barcode Pyrex that I didn't have ( this is the 474 from the graduated sizes 480 set), a duplicate Fire King Stripes shaker (just the one), and an awesome piece of labware that I've only seen in someone's blog when I first started looking for Pyrex and other vintage kitchenwares.

Had to take a picture of it with my other two decorated labware pieces. They are so small and sweet.

And how the world loves to laugh at you sometimes. After paying $ for a Verde baker for my collection, I find this one for $18.50. I bought it. So now I have two of a piece that - if I was being perfectly honest about - I only bought to make "the stack" of all of them. (Assuming I ever find the Butterfly Gold and Rust colored ones in the wild).

And finally, I finished my set of Spring Blossom refrigerator dishes. Can't believe it's take this long to do! I know this pattern is common, it's just that certain pieces have eluded me the entire time I've collected. I've never seen a Big Bertha (a 664) or any of the cute glassware pitchers and carafes, despite the fact that I think half all American households had the entire massive run of either Spring Blossom or Butterfly Gold at some point or another.

So that's all for my birthday loot. I still have some yard sale and thrift finds for another post! Love this time of year!

Hope you're finding awesome stuff!

Happy Thrifting!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Happy Birthday to me and Friendship set complete(ish)

My birthday is tomorrow, but my husband and I got out and shopped a little today. In the last little shop we stopped in (but don't usually find stuff in) this pretty pink set was just waiting for me.

What an awesome little set! This really beefs up my pink ripple collection. And the lady I bought them from had seen what they sell for on ebay, and scoffed at the ridiculous prices, and priced this set much more reasonably. I told her my birthday was tomorrow and that I was thrilled to have this as my present! Really nice antique dealers really do exist!

I rearranged my cabinet and moved my shakers and grease jars to another shelf. So this is what my cabinet looks like now.

Even though this guy is no longer shiny, I was glad to pick him up from another antique store today. My Friendship Pyrex has been really slow to piece together. I still have issues with finding the decorated opal lids on some pieces and replacing others that aren't in the best shape, but I'm happy I'm just one piece away from the whole collection.

In fact, when I started gathering pieces for this group photo, I thought this orange bowl had finished my set until I remembered there's also a decorated promotional piece with underplate that I do not have. So for now my set is complete(ish) and I'll add more when I'm lucky enough to find a new piece. The 503 refrigerator dish is also new, an early present from my husband who bought online. Thanks, honey!

And I've still got tomorrow to shop. I really don't have any money left after today, but I can enjoy the eye candy, right?

Hope you're finding thrifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Recent finds

Finally it seems Spring has sprung, and the world of vintage goodness is opening back up again. I added two expensive pieces to my collection lately, both of which I'd never seen for sale before, so I splurged on them.

The Verde baker was a hard one to pay $ for, but I think I'm secretly wishing to be able to have the complete stack of these bakers. Still missing even after 6 years of hunting in the wild is Butterfly Gold and the Rust colored one. And they'll probably be a billion dollars each when I do find them, lol.

And this Spirograph base is such a pretty color - much prettier than how it looks in this picture. Killed me to pay 38 dollars for it, knowing that the chances I'll ever find the lid are slim, but no way could I have left without it. It turned out to be my only purchase of the day I spent in numerous antique stores and large flea market, so it didn't really hurt that I'd spent most of my fun money on a single piece.

And yay for all thrift store finds! My husband found this Daisy oval casserole for me at GW for $3.99. Happy Happy! The unmarked yellow canister is a duplicate, but I couldn't resist it for 99 cents. Each of the Hazel Atlas pieces were also 99 cents. I'd never seen this yellow and pink colorway before. I have a stray pink and black plate from this same line, so I suppose I'm very slowly collecting the different colors.

Technically, this is my husband's find, but he never blogs. Plus, I was the one who insisted he couldn't leave without it, I'll take the blame. This was a GW find for $14.99, which I thought was an ok price, but my husband thinks is gold and diamonds money, so I had to pull the trigger for him. He's collected Fisher Price stuff for a few years now, along with vinyl records, and coupled with my Pyrex addiction, we've done nothing but watch the things we collect and love go up and up in price. I suspect many of you feel my pain there.

The only new addition here is the Glasbake Have a nice Day mug. It's in rough shape, but was too cute for 99 cents, same day I bought the little Hazel Atlas teacup & saucers. It looks just fine with my other dishwashy tulip mugs.

I bought these for my mom. Both are Jeannette glass but different patterns. The large bowl is Iris & Herringbone, the small bowls Floragold. She collects carnival glass and I thought this would dovetail into her collection quite nicely. It was 5.99 for the 6 pieces, which I thought was a good price.

An antique store find and a little oddity. I was super happy to grab up this pink 503 refrigerator dish for 15 dollars in an antique store. Wasn't so long ago that 15 dollars for this piece without a lid would have seemed kinda expensive to me. Now I'm like OMG THAT'S SO CHEAP.

And these little mugs are Butterfly Gold, but marked Termo Rey made in Brazil. Oh I miss Corelle Corner! I know absolutely nothing about how these knock-offs came about. The glass itself is much more similar to Fire King than Pyrex. Another odd Butterfly Gold that I'm keeping for myself. (Sorry, mom! Lol!)

And finally, my one score from a Friday spent yardsaleing all day. I spotted this from a moving vehicle in the bed of someones trailer. It was filthy black and behind a tub, to boot, so how I saw the thing at all beats me. Best part is the guy sold it to me for a buck! Cheapest Pyrex I've ever yardsaled!
And it cleaned up great.

Well, there's my finds for now. I'm hoping to yardsale again Friday. Fingers crossed for some awesome loot!

Hope you're finding great goodies where you are!

Happy Thrifting!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Last month's finds

I'm lousy at keeping up with this blog these days. Most weeks it seems like I'm lucky to find even a single thing, and that's just not enough to blog about. Most of my post would go something like this "Well, I went to four thrift stores and two antique stores today and all I have to show for it is a growing sense of how much crack is being smoked in my local shopping area."

I paid a small fortune for this bowl here at an antique store we hadn't ventured out to in upwards of 3 years. It was down inside another bowl in a booth dangerously stuffed with glassware, so I still think I got it by virtue of it being not promininently displayed. I've seen very few polka dots along the way, so this was a special piece I wasn't going to leave without. Wish I were more optimistic about finding the others in the set. This bowl has the scalloped rim, there are sets with this pattern that have the smooth style. Seems like many Hazel Atlas sets are this way. I suspect (but do not know for sure) that some of the shape differences stem from Hazel Atlas molds and factories themselves being purchased by Continental Can Company.

 The rest of my finds are a mix of thrift and antique store from the last six weeks or so.

I only picked up one heart bowl this year, the one with the pink lid. I'm starting to feel like these new Pyrex dishes are becoming a collection unto themselves! The Snowflake Blue mixer completes my duplicate set, so that was a double I was happy to add to my collection.

This Gemco go-along is one of the two patterns I actually want to collect. (The other being the Snowflake Blue Corelle go-along. I was happy to find it for the thrift store price of two dollars.

Another mix of thrift and antique store finds. This poor turquoise refrigerator dish is partially dishwashed, but I'm obsessed. Can't leave one behind that's cheap and has good color left, even if it isn't all shiny anymore. The little melmac plates weren't in the best shape either, but I've picked up the tiniest little dishes in this pattern before, so I had to add them in as well. It almost looks now like it's a child's set.

A super thrifty price at an antique store. This LuRay bowl (which photographed badly, but is actually in really nice condition) was just two dollars at an antique store.

 Similarly, I got this odd lot of new and old Fiesta at an antique store for cheap because some pieces are chipped and cracked, and the others are very utensil marked. But I've got an arsenal of cleaners, amassed from trying to clean up abused Pyrex, so I think I'll find something that helps the ones that can be helped. The cracked pieces can go in a mosiac pile.

And finally - YAY! My favorite drinking jars, they decided this year to make them in blue!

I have almost a superstition about drinking with these. Pints for soft drinks and tea, quarts for water only. If I start off my day with a big quart jar of water in the green or purple quart jars - previously the only colors available- I'd end up drinking two or more by days end. I'm super happy these are finally available in blue. They also have widemouth pints, which I'm sure is great for you canners out there, as well as blue jelly jars. If my garden does well enough to try out canning this year, I know what I'm buying, lol!

So that's my finds for this winter-turned-Spring. My husband and I yardsaled all day yesterday and I found a couple of things for the next post! Hope the weather is getting nice where you are and the juicy finds start flowing your way!

Happy Thrifting!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dish and vinyl roundup

Wouldn'tcha know it, I finally have some finds to post about and my camera batteries decide to die after two pictures? (I still haven't updated to this millennium with all the cellular phones and pixel cameras and whatnots.)


 Other than the bargain ivory Fiesta teacup, the Pyrex pieces were both splurges and duplicates, but having used the Butterprint butterdish for a while, I've got to say, having butterfingers is no joke. I've come close to dropping it enough times that I'd switched it out for the Snowflake blue one I had two of in case I really did break it. Now I can switch it back to Butterprint with impunity.

I also picked up a large round red edged enamelware bowl with just enough wear and damage that I can use it in the garden without feeling like I'm messing it up. I like enamelware, and I've seen many nice pieces of it pop up recently, but with prices that seem like a collector trying to cash out of a long-held collection.

Frankly, I'm too broke for that. Right now what I will buy is cute, cheap and useful. I hope this year I get to go yardsaleing and find some cheap and cheerful pieces!

And not dishes, or even thrift store finds, the local used bookstore yielded more surprisingly good records for decent prices. (And free, really, because we were still using a Christmas giftcard, so all the better!)

Cure vinyl! Squeee. These are the original issues from 1980-81. Makes me wonder if someone bought the 180 gram reissues and decided to trade in their originals.

And in the total opposite end, my husband found a Jane Fonda workout record for me for 50 cents in the local antique store. My favorite workout, too - Prime Time (also known as Easy Going). Lots of times I just use it for the 20 minutes of stretching before it goes into the aerobics. I still get my heart rate up just doing the stretching. I haven't listened to the record yet, but it it's like the video, I can probably do all the stretches by heart now.

I also loaded up with collectors books I didn't get a picture of. An early Huxford's Fiesta book, kitchen bakelite, Depression glass and kitchen glass collectibles. All for less than ten bucks trade credit, so I was a happy girl. One thing I've noticed about the collectors books is that it really can pay off to have each edition made, even if its up to edition 10 because the authors add and remove information in each edition. I've especially noticed that earlier editions tend to have more original advertising and dealer catalogs, whereas newer editions tend to add more and more patterns with less details about them.

Anyways, that's my finds for now. Hope you're finding neat stuff!

Happy Thrifting!