Saturday, November 19, 2016

Catching up

 Long time no post!

I really haven't been hitting the thrifts and antique stores like I used to. So goes the tale that the things I look for seem to have disappeared. But the other day, I was out of town for other things, but a Goodwill was nearby, and of course I had to pop in just in case. Lo and behold, Pyrex -AND- something else I collect too - random Starburst silverware!

This is yet another pattern I didn't have a single piece in. I think I'm up to 6 or 7 different starburst patterns. Who knew there were so many? This particular find was super exciting because it has so many forks. Forks are always the hardest to find for me. And I get to the point where I start leaving behind butter knives, because they'd outpace my forks and spoons by dozens each. Maybe someday I will have amassed a single pattern sets worth.

The Pyrex was a super surprising, super exciting find for me, no matter what the pattern. This may be the first Pyrex I've pulled out of a Goodwill in my area in two years or more. It's really been that dry. I was a little disappointed to find after I got home with it that the Butterfly Gold casserole has an almost invisible chip on the bottom. I don't trust chipped pieces to heat in any way, in case the glass has been even more damaged than the naked eye reveals, so I'm keeping this piece instead of giving it to my mom, like I typically would (it's her pattern).

And I couldn't believe it when I realized I didn't have the divided dish already! It's a super bonus when I find a piece I don't have! These guys were cheap and cheerful for 2.99 and 3.99!

And I discovered that Pyrex made another minor appearance this month in the November issue of Country Living magazine. Almost the very last page of the magazine. In previous years since I started collecting, there's been an article on Pyrex collecting in Country Living two other times, if memory serves, they've typically been the May issue (right at my birthday, so that explains why I remember that, lol!)

I also added two of the newest Pioneer Woman jadeite cake stands to my collection.

I bought myself two of the original style stands when they first came out (and were 19.96), then repurchased another single when they came out with the redesign for 10 dollars more.

Since, they've dropped the price a few dollars on the largest one and introduced two more. Each one is slightly different in how they are shaped, but they are quite similar and match well.

These two largest ones can be inverted for trifles, desserts, even a small punch. The tinest one is made the same as these but the knob of the lid is just too large to rest inside the inverted base.

As for the quality, I think these are fine for the price. The knobs are a great improvement from the first version. The two smaller are truer to vintage jadeite in color than the first one I bought, though that may have changed since I bought mine. Let me know in the comments if you have these cakes stands and notice color differences.

A few issues here in the dome. Mine have air bubbles in the glass. Both domes. And I would have loved to see the glass be more smooth and rounded-off on the way it connects to the base. It's a pretty blunt cut, not noticeable when it's closed, but when you lift it off it's just not as finished-looking. But for the price, I'm loving the fact that I have Jadeite cake stands with domes. You just can't beat it. And I love having them on the table and using them for everyday things. I'm pretty sure I made a cake the other day just to put it in the cake stand, lol!

And finally, ornaments. Beautiful, beautiful, delicious Shiny Brite ornaments to add to my collection! And for thrift store prices too! So exciting!

These boxes were a dollar each. The red Shiny Brite box contained some plain ornaments I'm probably going to redonate, and is missing it's lid, but for a dollar, I'm not going to pass it up. The plain bottom is filled with solid color Shiny Brites. I had the intention to move the ornaments to the Shiny Brites bottom, but then I found all these:

newer Radko Shiny Brites

These beeee-yoooo-tee-ful ornaments were a dollar fifty a bag! Choirs of angels singing! Haha.

I rarely, rarely find good ornaments. And when I do, they typically run around 25 a box. Lots of antique stores around here use the original boxes as staging and sell the ornaments for 2-5 dollars each. Which is why I choke a bit at ornaments wreaths and such. I can't even imagine being somewhere where these are abundant and cheap enough to use for wreaths.

But this -IS- the South, where no trip to your local antique store is complete without seeing at least one 100+ Primary bowl set, and you are likely enough to actually see things like a Butterfly Gold Cinderella set for say, $120 or so. It's nuts.

And I was so excited to try to integrate these individual ornaments to my collection I completely forgot to take pictures of any of them. I may try to photograph them when I get them out to actually put on the tree.

So those are pretty much my finds for the last month plus. Hope you're finding fabulous goodies!

Happy Thrifting!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A few finds and Pyrex makeup storage

This bowl is unmarked, but I know it to be Jeannette by a picture I saved from heaven-only-knows where, on my computer stash of dish images and info. There is an Anchor Hocking set using the exact same colors fired on clear glass that is almost always a source of confusion for its similarities.

I believe these bowls pre-date opal Pyrex, and that the shapes and were colors chosen to compete more with popular, colorful pottery items of the time, like vintage Fiesta.

Here it is nesting with my large red bowl I found very recently as well:

Just need a small yellow bowl now to complete this set. I also have half of the refrigerator dish set from this line - just missing the small, green refrigerator dish.

And here's another oddity I didn't know existed - a Lustro ware 45 record box.

I also discovered while researching this guy that Lustro ware also made a mailbox. Who'da thunk it?

At some point, many Lustro ware items were banned by the Environmental Protection Agency, under the Toxic Substances Control Act first passed by Congress in 1976.

Despite this knowledge, I keep bread items in a vintage red Lustro ware bread box. Living dangerously, right? At this point, I've become so cynical about what's safe and what's not that I just assume whatever we are told now will be corrected 20 years later, so I might as well chose my toxicants based on beauty and usability and leave it to God for the rest.

And a few more cheap and cheerful odds and ends:

Two more Hazel Atlas holiday glasses for my collection, and another little tulip glass, which oddly was my second one in as many days. The other was already washed up and in use in my bathroom so it didn't make the photography session, lol.

I also picked up this dark ivory Fire King swirl platter and Pyrex Spices casserole.

And I managed to finally satisfy my hunch/belief that this casserole is indeed a darker color than Sandalwood.

But not by much. I'd say it's halfway between Sandalwood and the lighter Caramel shade in Woodland. Which makes sense, since Spices was produced at the same time as Woodland, in the last days (*sniff*) of opal Pyrex.

And finally, I picked up this rack for 5 dollars. I had the idea a while back to use some of my refrigerator dish hoard to relocate and house my makeup.

ROY G BIV Pyrex love
I don't have a whole lot in the makeup department. My sister-in-law has gotten into makeup with a fervor  - (I guess you could say she's the same way about makeup right now as I've been about Pyrex). And it's somewhat rubbed off on me.

I've stepped foot in Sephora and Ulta a few times this year. I've bought 4 whole things that have set me back a hundred bucks (ouch!) and have watched the frenzy now of the must have palettes/highlights enough times now to feel like I have some idea of what's up, but also know that I absolutely cannot afford much of any of it unless I win the lotto.

My bad joke on the whole thing is: Instead of a Kat Von D, I'm like a Dollar Von Tree.

(Hey, at least the Dollar Tree has some cool Wet N Wild things from time to time, so I'm not entirely out of luck.)

I also think that on some level, the Pyrex popularity surge of the last couple of years has left a little hole in my happiness that I think I'm looking around a bit to fill with something else. I don't know that makeup is it, but it certainly can take up the money and time if you let it.

I just wish I could channel this need into something cheap and useful, like learning piano or Spanish or American Sign Language. Right this minute all I can seem to youtube are horrible makeup tutorials. lol.

Anyways, that's all for now!

Hope you're out finding stuff that is just the Cat's Pajamas!

Happy Thrifting!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Anniversary goodness

Another anniversary spent out of town, looking for more vintage goodness.

I didn't turn up a whole lot. Found a few things I would have loved if the price had been right. Little by little I'm learning not to get too excited when I see something I want before I see the price tag.

Here's the loot I did bring home:

A chippy, but charming, vintage Fiesta teapot in Cobalt blue. 8 small pink MacBeth Evans Dogwood plates I got from a super cheap and cheerful booth.

And two pieces of Pyrex - the Snowflake Blue because I needed it to complete my 480 casserole set, and a duplicate *ahem* triplicate red Friendship casserole set I bought because I wanted it to replace the duplicate piece I have that has a small chip in the handle.

And Hooray! I found the new must-have Pyrex! And on our wedding anniversary, no less!

A very kind Walmart employee with a magical scanner device hunted these down for me. We were at least an hour and a half away from home, so I felt a little bit like a poacher, checking 'someone elses' Walmart. But it was the end of the night and we still had a long drive home, and tired as we already were we thought we might as well check yet another Walmart for these.

Plus I was hoping we'd have some anniversary luck. And we did! Good thing too because 'my Walmart' can't find these dishes, and the ones nearby have already sold all theirs/have them on order/can't find/haven't gotten them.

I wanted to take a picture of them with the original vintage dishes I thought were closest in size. These are 472's  (the middle size).

The Butterprint pattern is really close in size to the original, but as you can see, the Snowflake Blue pattern is quite a bit bigger, as well as a darker color than the original.

I also realized that this is the first time in nearly 50 years that Pyrex has actually produced the Butterprint pattern. Nifty!

And finally, my husband got the Twin Peaks soundtrack lp for me as a surprise anniversary gift.

I was a weird kid. I remember there being buzz about Twin Peaks before it started, enough so that I remember watching the two hour premiere.

It came on as a mid-season replacement on ABC. I remember me and my grandmother sitting there, watching the opening credits.

I was mesmerized by the music. It was the second time in my young life that the music from something just grabbed me up and stuck in my brain. (The other song, in case you were wondering, which I'm sure you aren't, was when Bo and Hope got married on Days of our Lives. Lol.)

When I was in high school I saw the soundtrack on cassette tape, for sale, used and cheap, so my broke teenager self bought it. And played it CONSTANTLY. It was moody and weird and melodic and quirky and just everything that I loved.

I have spent my adult life buying Twin Peaks (the series) in pretty much every format it's ever been in. Had a boyfriend or two that said they'd done the same thing with buying Star Wars in its many incarnations.

It's been long enough that I watched the VHS box set go from the record store price of $149.00 (pre-internet days), to $85.00 or so though Amazon (dial-up internet days), to used media store price of $12.99 (so cheap I bought a second copy, lol).

I've yet to pony up for the blu ray. I'm sure I will at some point. But for now, I just enjoy the warm, creepy feeling I get when I listen to my snazzy new vinyl lp.

Anyways, that's all for now.

Hope you're finding cool treats and nifty treasures!

Happy Thrifting!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A few thrift store scores

I find something I want at the thrift so rarely lately that every time I do, I get this thrifter's high. Like I've won a contest. Like I bested Goodwill by actually pulling something out of there that I might actually want, when they seem so bent on not having a single thing worth buying in the store except maybe clothes.

Are other people's Goodwill's the same way, like they are trying to be 90% clothing and 10% broken stuff that came from the Dollar Tree they want twice the original price for?

I have this pitcher already, but I buy duplicates when I can, because the last two vintage pitchers I've been really fond of have each cracked right at the place where the top of the handle connects to the body. I took this pretty home for 3.99 and am glad to put it to use.

When I saw this gold metal cradle, I thought I knew what it was. I was hoping, hoping, hoping I was right. Then I came across a couple of Pyrex lids, which gave me even more hope I was right. And I also picked up this little Glasbake bowl along the way as well.

So when I got home, I tried this:

Yep! I think it's a match.

I've never been that excited by Pyrex cradles. But this was an odd one to find. And Pyrex in general has become much more competitive over the years than it used to seem to me to be, so every time I find something I don't have, I'm super excited.

And finally, a few more thrift scores.

Homer Laughlin Riviera for 99 cents each!

Riviera is by far my favorite Homer Laughlin line, but over the years I've come across much more Fiesta to fall in love with, so my Fiesta collection far outpaces my tiny Riviera one.

The teacup is perfect, but the saucers have varying degrees of fleabites to significant chips, but they are all on the underside and not very noticeable.

The plates underneath are actually another HLC line, Harlequin. I don't collect Harlequin at all, but I couldn't help picking these up when I found them all as a stack. They also have chips, so for now, they are going into a project box. They may get repurposed if I ever get crafty enough.

That's all for now.

Hope you're finding fantastic treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Glasbake primary bowl set

First up, my antique store finds.

unmarked Glasbake primary bowl and Federal Glass bowl

I might well have mistook this yellow primary bowl for a Pyrex bowl if it weren't sitting right inside one in the antique store. This unmarked Glasbake bowl is closer in size to the next size down (the green one). It nested well inside the yellow Pyrex bowl, but stood up above the edge, so when I spotted it, I was pretty sure I knew that it was the bowl I was missing and needed to complete the Glasbake primary set I just bought a few weeks ago!

Unmarked Glasbake primary bowl set

Wow, I am really surprised to have completed this bowl set so quickly! And locally too! Though my purchases were not from the same store or even the same town.

 My next two purchases are both sugar creamer sets. A pretty impractical purchase, since I don't really use either. But they each go with something else I collect.

I officially have more pink Hazel Atlas Ripple than I do turquoise now. I can't believe it. Though there's always room for more, lol!

And these guys here are Sunbeam, which came with certain models of Sunbeam Vacuum Coffee Makers. That's something I've collected for a while, but haven't made a new purchase in ages. And sadly, I haven't enjoyed a vac pot of coffee in a long time as well.

And my final antique store purchases. A cheap jadeite mug, which I got super cheap because of a chip I plan to sand down with some very fine grit sandpaper. I thought it'd make a good addition to the everyday user cabinet.

And this piece of Country Festival Corning ware is an odd shape I couldn't pass up. If I ever bake start baking bread this size seems like it'd make a generous half-loaf. I've decided this pattern is going to be the one I keep and use. Too many patterns I like and not enough house to put them all in. So Pyrex is my out-of-control collection, Corning ware is going to be down to one pattern - though I am allowing myself to keep whatever patterns I want in petite pans that don't take up much space.

So those are my antique store finds as of late. I've found a few neat things at the thrift for another post.

Hope you're finding nifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

Saturday, August 20, 2016


I haven't been out much. Did manage to sneak in a hop to the local antique stores in between appointments and found this incomplete Pyrex Butterprint Cinderella bowl set for 35 dollars, which far enough below retail for stores around here that I was not going to leave without it. I only really needed the middle blue 442 bowl to complete my duplicate set - which I have seen for sale by itself for 30 + bucks before, just by itself.

So I suppose I'll think of the smallest bowl as the beginning of a duplicate set for my still incomplete all turquoise-on-white set. I think Butterprint continues to be my favorite standard Pyrex pattern.

And here's my only real successful thrift trip (my only other find at all was a chippy medium refrigerator dish lid at GW):

Another slightly chippy Franciscan Starburst dinner plate, which I believe was 60 cents. Miller Studios chalkware birds, also slightly chippy, but absolutely adorable, which were also very cheap. Surprisingly enough to me, these are dated 1970, when I would think just by looking at them that they were more 1950's era!

And finally, a Fire King Azurite chili bowl that was in the collectibles section for 3 dollars.

I also learned while looking up the Fire King bowl that the chili bowl was also made in Turquoise Blue, which came as a surprise to me. I'd never seen either before, only the Jadeite chili bowl. Here's a post I made a few years ago about the differences in shade between Azurite and Turquoise Blue.

My one jadeite chili bowl was also a thrift find, so long ago now I don't remember where I got it or what I paid for it - which for me is unusual. I tend to remember prices I paid and where I bought something without trying, but generally have no idea how long it's been since I bought it. Which is exactly what this blog is good for. I can just read my own posts and go "Oh yeah! THAT'S when I got that!" Lol!

Now my husband and I each have our choice of Fire King chili bowl to use, though if I'm being honest, these bowls are so small by today's standards, that I'd be more likely to use them for dips or a small desert, like pudding.

So that's my finds as of late.

Hope you're finding thrifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

127 yard sale

For the last 3 years my husband and I have been making the trip to visit the 127 World's longest yard sale. Most of our trip is just getting to it! But we've found enough on our (too) short treks up and down the way, that we've braved the heat and rain to find some of our favorite things. And this year was no different.

First up, this awesome Lustro ware paper dispenser is something that dreams are made of. Lol! I've admired it for years online, but never seen it in person before. That is, until I bought it for 10 dollars! Yippee!

I hadn't realized how much red Lustro ware I'd accumulated until I set it on a shelf with the small salt and pepper set I'd managed to forget I owned. I also have the four piece canister set and a rolltop bread box. Red would probably not have been my first choice, but everything I've found so far has been yardsale prices or cheaply from antique stores, so I'm certainly not going to complain.

Jadeite! None of these were screamin' deals, but they were far enough below retail I felt pretty happy to purchase. The St. Denis mugs have been one of my jadeite grails for a long while. I don't know why I picked out that style, I just like the shape, but I'd never seen any for sale in person. The breakfast set, lotus pieces, and probably Charm have all been the jadeite styles I've admired most, but never seen. Glad to add these to my small collection!

Pretty in pink! The pink Daisy open baker brings me one step closer to having all the regular pink Daisy pieces. Just need the largest Space Saver casserole. And the pink Hazel Atlas Ripple was a sweet deal from a kindly older couple who sold these me these 9 piece for 15 dollars, which I thought was a great deal.

Two more pieces of Pyrex I didn't own. The Garden Medley has been on my wish list for ages. And the hearts casserole is a piece I've seen a few times before, but never for less than 20 bucks, so I'd passed on it. These two pieces were from the same dealer, 10 dollar each, so I finally decided to buy.

The red Friendship bowl is not the greatest shape, but I have a somewhat rough decorated Friendship lid to put on it, so it's getting reunited. This was bundled with my Lustro ware paper dispenser. The other pieces, the yellow shaker was thrown in free from a bundle deal my husband made, and the possibly bakelite utensils were a dollar for the 5 pieces.

I know absolutely nothing about bakelite. It's a collector favorite where I live, so it's always a blue fortune when it turns up, so there just usually isn't a deal to be found. I picked up a bakelite book cheap a while back, so I have some research to do.

I'm also curious if this bracelet is bakelite. Each of these pieces were sold seperately, 50 cents each. One of the santas is in rough shape, but I had to get him. Vintage Christmas is another expensive area I've managed to stay mostly away from, except for Shiny Brites, but I feel a Santa mug collection starting up. Lol!

My husband said that his favorite memory of me this yardsale is that I spotted these glasses before we even got pulled into the place, and in his words, I just said "BOOMERANGS"  and my seat belt undone and was out of the car before he even got parked.

50 cents each. When I got a closer look, they had that dull 'sick glass' look to them inside. When I washed them up, most of that came off with soap and water, but they could use a vinegar soak inside to clean up the rest. The pink is getting added to my pink Ripple collection, and the green is an X factor. I'd seen pics online of these in green, yellow, and white, and I wasn't sure what I'd do if the other colors turned up for me. I thought they'd make good go-alongs for the small collection of Lu Ray pastels I have. For now, the lone green is in with my lonely two turquoise. I also discovered these two are slighly smaller than my others, so I there are at least 3 sizes of these. Only my pink/white combo ones are actually marked Hazel Atlas, otherwise I'd still be unsure who made this pattern.

And a couple more Pyrex pieces. The blue New Holland promo is the larger of the two. Second piece I bought this trip with Hearts in the decoration. The Daisy casserole was 4 dollars. Cheap and cheerful!

Another jadeite mug! But this time it was 50 cents. Cheapest Jadeite I've ever bought. Makes up for the one I bought this trip that was 5 dollars and had a crack in it I didn't see when I bought it.

I think the pink clock can be cleaned up a little more. It was 15 dollars, more than I wanted to spend, so my husband bought it for me. He's my sweetheart.

The turquoise Ripple plate is faded, but still sweet. It wasn't priced, so the dealer just threw it in free when I bought this Friendship casserole for 10 dollars. I had 3 decorated Friendship lids my husband bought at a yardsale many, many moons ago that had just been waiting for lidless Friendship pieces to reunite them with. So I've only got one more now. It'd be lovely if I got the decorated piece next time, so I'd have a complete duplicate set.

A Cosco stool for 10 dollars. It is marked with a sticker underneath. It is original yellow, but has been touched up at some point. I had the idea to paint it, but I may just clean it up and see if I can remove some of the hasty overspray from the previous touchup.

And finally, here's most of my husband's finds. He also bought some toys, a vending machine and some gifts that he's already stashed away that I didn't get pictures of. I think his biggest thrills this trip has been scoring the Star Trek lunch box for 5 dollars and finally seeing Little Blue books for sale.

It had stuck in his mind to hunt for Little Blue books since seeing them mentioned in a Louis L'Amour biography. I can't do the history justice, but from what I understand, these little books were sold for 5 or 10 cents and were some of the very first paperbacks available.

He picked these up from all from one dealer who, for us, had the best items and best prices of the whole sale. It's funny how just one booth can make the whole trip worthwhile!


Just some thoughts in general about the yard sale. We've just been going for the last 3 years, each year a little earlier on. Friday and Saturday seem the busiest days with the worst traffic by far, but had the least stuff worth buying, so the early bird does seem to get the worm.

Each year seems to have themes. This year I saw Mantiques everywhere. An abundance of tools, advertising, garage and mancave stuff.

Last year was all about chalk paint. Chalk paint everywhere and mostly everything painted turquoise! But this year, hardly a painted piece to be seen. Original finish wood seems to back in fashion again, which I'm not at all sorry to see.

Last year, I hardly saw a piece of Jadeite. This year it was more abundant. But last year, I saw tons of Depression glass, this year hardly a piece. I was told, repeatedly, and I mean - REPEATEDLY, by helpful dealers that the only glass they seem to be able to sell these days is Pyrex, which is just going up and up.

I just smile and nod and act dumb mostly. Since I've been collecting Pyrex for the last 6 years, it's discouraging to be told by dealers who seem to only have jumped on the Pyrex bandwagon in the last little while, how this or how that my thing I collect is. I can tell most of them are trying to be helpful, but it's helpful in that same clueless way it is when dealers tell you about stuff they sold the day before you came in.

And on the Pyrex front, there is a dealer that specializes in it at least every hour or two's worth of travel down the road. And they are all insufferable. Of all the resellers, it's the dealer/collector who is usually asking the highest prices of all.

You can't look at a single piece in their Pyrex booth/prison without hearing some speech about what it is, how high demand/popular it is, and/or how many dozens of that exact piece they have at home in their personal collections.

At some point maybe they loved Pyrex. But not anymore. Now they just lord over it. They turn it into Beanie Babies. They become a part of the problem. They help create unsustainably high prices that exclude regular collectors and cater only to the truly obsessed (who seem to be made out of money).

No thanks.

And I'm not thrilled to share the title "Pyrex Collector" with them either. Because I suspect, in ten years time, this brand of "Pyrex Collector" will have long since cashed out of their collections and moved on to some other inflated thing they can get in on the ground floor of, when I'll still be here, Lord willing, just trying to decide which pretty dish I'm going to use to bake today's dinner in.


Anyways, I had lots of fun. Got a sunburn (despite much sunscreen), and feel like a need a week's vacation to recover from a single scorching hot day. I mean, I really feel like my eyeballs got bleached, I got so much sun. Whoever picked the first week of August for this thing must have really liked 100 degree temps!

And crazy as it is, I can't wait for next year!

Hope you're having a blast so far this Summer!

Happy Thrifting!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

A gratitude blog

I believe I'm always complaining on this little blog here how challenging the search for vintage goodies has become.

It has.

But then I follow that sentiment with pictures of the goodies I adore and have found reasonably priced.

So today, I'm going to scrap my complaining and instead say that I feel fortunate and blessed that I'm still finding neat stuff I love, and have the money to spare for it. I'm going to try on an attitude of gratitude, instead of my usual just-plain-ole attitude. Lol. :-)

First up, this is what I believe to be the Glasbake answer to Pyrex primary bowls.

I found just these 3, no larger yellow bowl with them. But I'd never seen them before, only online. And I was really happy to bring these home with me for less than a 20, tax and all. Yay!

These bowls are not marked Glasbake. Just a "J" and a mold number, meaning they likely were produced during the later era of the Glasbake name, 1961- 1983 when Glasbake was owned by Jeannette.

An original sticker of this set from a flickr picture shows a label which says 'ONE OR MORE OF THESE BOWLS WILL FIT MOST OF THE POPULAR ELECTRIC MIXER TURNTABLES'.

(Edited to note that the next picture over from this same flickr member shows these labeled as McKee division of Thatcher glass - an earlier era of the confusing Glasbake history. I can't tell if those bowls in the picture have the "J" mold mark characteristic of other Jeannette-made Glasbake pieces or not. Meaning this particular set might have been in production in a transitional period when the Glasbake changed ownership. That's just speculation on my part, but I love piecing together details whenever I can.)

Another detail I love is the fired-on measurements inside the smallest green bowl. Mine are faded, as you can see, but still plenty nifty.

And more Hazel Atlas cuties! The two pink and one turquoise boomerang glasses add to my small but growing collection of this design. I decided to make these my go-along glasses for my pink, turquoise, and plain white Hazel Atlas Ripple dishes. I don't have enough glasses to really make a set yet, but it's fun to hunt these glasses when I only find one or two at a time every once in a while.

And the pink dancing pigs coctail shaker just spoke to me. Super cute. And pink! Did I mention it's pink? Lol!

Another rarity for me to ever see in the wild, Fire King Swedish Modern mixing bowls in turquoise blue. And actually, I'd never seen this color in the wild before. Just a couple of jadeite ones in a rather expensive antique booth when I first started collecting. And honestly, I paid a middling retail price for them. But still consider myself lucky to have found them considering the dealer working the register that day told me I must have beaten their regular Fire King collector customers to them. I have been told this by more than one dealer in my area that there are a number of Asian collectors that are pretty much strictly Fire King collectors that will buy up pretty much all the jadeite/azurite/turquoise blue they see, even if it's pretty high priced.

But rather than worrying about such things, I'm going to instead try to be happy I found something nifty that has never presented itself to me in the wild for a price I could see paying.

And also, I have absolutely no idea where these guys fall in the size range of the set. They seem like either the largest and next size smaller or the middle two. Either way, I'd say they have room for at least one other bowl to nest inside. If there is indeed a larger bowl, it must be pretty huge. I need to do some research! :-)

And finally, this is a clear glass fired-on red bowl I believe was made by Jeannette, but is unmarked. I believe it is also what could be considered a primary colored bowl set, though the colors are different and could actually pre-date the ubiquitous Pyrex version.

I also suspect this fired-on clear glass was made potentially several decades earlier than when the company purchased the Glasbake name in the 1960's.

It was a lucky thrift store score for 3 dollars. Yay for bargains!

Well, that's got me caught up on my finds of late.

Hope you're finding nifty, cool treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!