Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thrift & Auction Roundup

Woo-hoo, thrifted Pyrex! A very few & far-between occurrence these days! This divided dish set me back $4.99. It came all taped it up with this cradle. I'm not positive the cradle is original but it definitely appears to be.

I can't find much out about it. It isn't listed on the reference sites. Several people in the flickr group have it & call it "Black Scroll" - which is an abundantly appropriate name for it. I'm going to guess from the design that it's an early-to-mid 1960's piece.
And these two pieces would be the only other Pyrex & Fire King that I've bought in a thrift store in months!

Very surprised to find a piece of Fire King Jadeite. This chili bowl was in the 'fancy-pants section' of GW and cost $3.99. I did not want to pay that for it, but that's still quite a bit cheaper than antique store price.

Also, can you believe they put this tiny little Pyrex dish in the collectibles section? Seriously? I was very surprised to see it there. It was lidless and also priced at $3.99. Gulp!

Again, I forked out the dough because it was a cute little piece I did not have. I found the lid over 2 weeks later! 59 cents, same GW. I imagine it had been floating around in the back for that long.
And finally, these were very much NOT thrift store items. My husband & I went to some antique stores & an auction preview. I was not thrilled with the prospects, but my husband wanted to stick around for some box lots, so he took me home and went back.

After being disappointed at the auction preview, I consoled myself by spending too much money on a yellow vintage Fiesta Tom & Jerry mug. FYI, Tom & Jerry does NOT refer to the cartoon characters :-) It's actually an alcoholic beverage similar to eggnog that was popular in the 1930's & 40's.

The bowl here - an 8 1/2 nappy - was from an auction box lot. It has a chip & isn't in the greatest shape, but it cleaned up pretty well. For 5 bucks, I'm not complaining. As usual, it came with a bunch of other stuff I didn't want. My mom doesn't know it yet, but she's about to become the proud owner of a very tarnished silverplate teapot. LOL!I also learned something about these Tom & Jerry mugs. They are only 1 of 2 pieces of Fiesta that don't have the trademark rings. (The other being the rare and valuable syrup pitcher). The reason is, these pieces were pretty labor intensive, hand-turned and shaped after coming out of the mold. Because of this there can be significant variation in the the thickness of the walls and the inward curvature.

My rose mug has thinner walls and a more pronounced inward curve than the yellow. It was "screamin' deal" I got from the 'little old man store' some months ago. 5 bucks! Wish I could find more of them for that price. It figures that the cups I'd like to have for everyday use are expensive and hard to find.

Hope you have a lucky, thrifty week!

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