Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thrift & Antique store finds

Here's a happy dish drainer! First up, my thrift store finds:Goodwill has definitely caught on to us Pyrex fans. I paid an antique store price for the Butterfly Gold butterdish and gravy boat, but they are gifts for my mom. She's had this pattern for as long as I can remember, and since last year I've been buying the pieces she doesn't have when I come across them at a thrift store.

Beside them is my first promotional Corningware piece. According to corellecorner, this wrap-around version of "Floral Bouquet" made its debut in 1969, two years earlier than the standard version. This was another GW find for a reasonable price of $2.99. Hard to see, but on top of the corningware is a my first piece of "Colonial Mist" Pyrex. But technically this clear glass version is named "White Lace". These clear pieces were the 'modern' replacements for opal Pyrex when it ceased production in the 80's. It was 2 dollars at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
This pitcher and glasses aren't from today, but are also recent thrift store purchases. The pitcher came first, a reStore purchase for 2 dollars, and the glasses were .49 Goodwill purchases. They ALMOST match each other. Close enough for me! :-)And here's the antique store purchases for the day - a bit more on the pricey side, but I still think I got a few nice bargains. On the left is a radioactive red Homer Laughlin Riviera plate. I've yet to measure it, but I believe it is the luncheon plate size. I happily paid 3.99 for it an antique store that labeled it "Old Orange Plate". These Riviera pieces are becoming more & more scarce as time goes on. Dipped in the same glaze colors as Fiesta, they are a perfect compliment to the vintage Fiesta pieces I'm collecting.

Also in the same glaze colors is Homer Laughlin's Carnival, a very small 5 piece line that was a premium, or giveaway, item in boxes of Mother's Oats. These 3 plates are a mere 6 inches, but are the only size plates from this line. Other items are the cup & saucer, and two sizes of bowls. I happily paid 2.50 a piece for them from my favorite antique store.

Hope you're finding thrifty treasures!

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