Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pottery ID Help Please

(*EDIT 1/12/12 - ID'd the teacups. Hooray! See end of post)

This is my merry band of misfits - otherwise known as the things I just can't seem to ID on the internet!

First up is this pitcher, which I will refer to as "Is-this-an-ice-lip-pitcher-and-does-it-look-sorta-like-Bauer-ringware-and-is-this-also-technically-yellowware-or-something-else".

And since I know absolutely nothing about pottery, I'm convinced I have something posolutely rare ;-) The story behind it is, I purchased it at my favorite weekend shopping getaway, a place I've dubbed "the little old man store". A place where I make a pile, he gives me a price, and we're both happy. I'm going to say that I paid no more than two dollars for this.

Interestingly enough, Bauer pottery really did get its start in Louisville, Kentucky - not exactly a million miles away from here, so I supposed it's not impossible.......
Next up, this sweet little vase belonged to my grandmother. I just liked the color and detail. It's completely unmarked. It's a family treasure, even if I never find out who made it.

And finally, these 3 teacups were sitting together at Goodwill, 29 cents each. I checked around for saucers, plates, etc. but none were to be found.

These seem to be either Homer Laughlin or contemporaries of. Frustratingly, I've seen the blue pieces being sold as Harlequin -in no less than two auctions - but that doesn't seem right at all. The green teacup is simply marked "USA". All 3 are similar in overall thickness to HL Harlequin - not quite as stout as Fiesta.

Any ID help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!

*Update 1/12/12. Found the teacups. A lead in my Fiesta book pointed me to towards W.S. George pottery. They made the blue teacups. The pattern is called "Georgette", but is more commonly known by collectors as Petal or "Petalware". While searching, I found a listing on that said this pattern was sometimes confused for a Mt. Clemens pattern called "Petal". Low and behold, the green teacup is Mt. Clemens.

Oddly enough, this makes the 3rd pattern named "Petal" that I have - the other being a glassware pattern by Federal Glass. Now to find who made the vase and pitcher!

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