Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sunshine finds

Happy March! Wonder if it's been crazy weather around your locale like it has mine? Yesterday was, in my opinion, the first pretty day of the year we've had so far, and definitely the warmest, but that's all pretty much due to a storm blowing in behind it. My garden (and garden blog) have languished for months. Yesterday's sun and warmth had me wanting to go to a garden center and pick out starters - which none of them seem to have yet. My impatience is tremendous, lol!

So I visited some antique stores instead.  :-)

I picked up a set of 6 of these glasses. I had 3 red and one blue at home already, so I have a set of 10 now. I love polka dots!

These glasses are unmarked, but I believe these are the glasses in my Hazel Atlas book. It's difficult to make out, but I think the green, blue and yellow/orange are on the top right. I sure would love that matching pitcher to go with them!

And it figures I'd pick up sunny yellow and orange Daisy Pyrex on the warmest day of the year! I love that these had their decorated lids. In what is now almost 5 years of Pyrex collecting, I've never come across these 2 pieces in the wild. I'd love to find the versions with the opal lids, to display, and keep these clear lidded ones in my everyday users cabinet.

Hope you are finding thrifty treats and treasures where you are!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. I picked up that Daisy set at a yard sale last year. I just found it sitting in one of my storage closets yesterday :-).

    Those polka dot glasses are amazing! I would love to find some.