Monday, March 23, 2015

Flea Market finds

Hit the flea market this weekend. Was excited to see quite a few new dealers. Outside buildings that are normally closed up over the winter were bustling with new folks moving in, bringing fresh new old junk. Exciting!

I bought four of these Glasbake Lipton mugs for ten dollars. And the best part is that one of the four was the pink one I was missing to complete the set I had at home. Now I'm halfway to a duplicate set!

I picked up the recipe tin to the left at the flea market for one whole dollar, and it reminded me I'd bought another one from Goodwill the other day.  These are both marked Ohio Art. Practically every recipe tin I've ever seen was made by this company, seems like. They are also makers of Etch A Sketch toys!

And finally, I added a big two-cup measure to my mom's Foley measuring set, plus two extra one cup measures. I think I ended up with a partial set when as a teenager I got my first apartment and needed kitchen stuff. Of course it took me years and years to actually appreciate them. And since I've been picking up the odd measure or so whenever they've popped up at the thrift. I'd never seen the giant two-cupper before, so it's a nice addition. And for a dollar, I cannot complain. 

I am supremely excited about the nice weather, hoppin' Flea Market, my favorite Ace Hardware is getting in all sorts of neat starters that are so much better and cheaper than the same ole Bonnie starters everywhere else has. Spring has Sprung! Whoo-hoooo!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Awesome deal on the mugs! I have never seen them anywhere but online.

  2. I am one red mug short of completing my Glasbake mug set! Lucky you to find four for such a great price.

    Have an awesome week,