Friday, September 20, 2013

Today's pretties

A few cool thrift finds today. Persimmon Fiesta mug to add to my brand new mug tree I just bought Wednesday. Vintage crinkle cut potato slicer for 59 cents. Cool pink aluminum Frigidaire ice cube tray, missing a section, but I still couldn't pass it up. I'd never seen pink before. It was 99 cents.

And ah-mazingly, I found pink Pyrex. I had this divided dish about two years ago, but I gave it to my mom, who loves pink Pyrex. It was 3.99. I really couldn't believe how cheap it was. It's in great shape, but I had to soak the nonsense out of it to remove a ridiculously impossible sticker from it. Like a Dymo label from 40 years ago. I soaked, Goo-Gone'd it, the works. Only repeated soaking and my pitiful fingernails did a thing to budge it. Sometimes you really have to work for good Pyrex!

The Butterprint casserole was an antique store purchase, but I had to have it because it completes my Butterprint turquoise on white version 470 set!
 The only Butterprint I'm missing now is the turquoise on white Cinderella mixing bowl set.
And finally, seasonal Pyrex. The Autumn Harvest Cinderella bowl was almost not bought. The shine has been dishwashed straight off the finish and there are utensil marks inside that BKF just won't phase. And did I mention it was expensive? Oh well. Addictions are brutal things. They make you hang out in Goodwill Boutique stores with insane pricers, just waiting for them to throw you an overpriced, dishwashed Pyrex bowl in a pattern you don't even like much, and by Josh, you'll buy it.

And finally, finally: the new decorated Pyrex Halloween bowls from this year. This year and last, Target had these bowls. I picked these up to use, but if there are any left I'll probably buy one more of each pattern. Because I'm a junky.

That's all folks!

Hope you are finding great things this weekend!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I love the Butterprint casserole set. I have several and use them on almost a daily basis. They are the perfect size for storing leftovers. There is no way I would have been able to pass up that ice cube tray. It's pink.....enough said:-)


    1. I agree. I like 470 casseroles for storing leftovers better than fridgies. Still doesn't stop me from buying more fridgies though :-)