Thursday, September 19, 2013

Anniversary goodness

Yesterday was mine & my husband's 8th wedding anniversary. (Happy Anniversary, honey!) We celebrated by going to a new-to-us area that had a reputation for being ripe with antique stores - which it was. But as a happy surprise, there were a lot of thrift stores we stopped at, too. Best of both worlds!

First up, Pyrex. Sadly there are no real bargains here. They're all splurges. Pyrex prices around me have gone nutsy-kookoo-cocoa-puffs. I bought the least koo-koo priced pieces of what I wanted and sadly left the rest behind. The heartbreakers of the day for me was a chipped, dishwashed-to-death turquoise baker priced at 15 bucks, and a small turquoise mixing bowl (a 402) for the hold-on-to-your-hats price of 48 dollars.

Four-tee-eight dollars. Pyrex, meet Jade-ite. Jade-ite, meet Pyrex. You two have now traded places.
Sometimes I do more of a happy dance for a spare lid than complete piece!
But I did find spare lids at various thrifts for bargain prices. These guys all ranged from 50 cents to a dollar so I was a happy camper.
Favorites of the day are the two blue-patterned Corning petite pans
And speaking of lids, I ended up picking up a few brand new plastic Petite Pan lids at the Corningware store. Now all my vintage petite pans have snazzy new lids! Just wish they'd had a few of the glass ones in stock. The Corningware teapot, cradle and two glass lids were all thrift store finds.

Fiesta rice bowls (a Dillard's exclusive) & vintage Carnival teacups
Fiesta & other HLC finds, old and new. The jadite-colored Seamist Fiesta cup rack was a 1990's accessory item. The teapot on the top of the rack is chipped, but it was a 1 dollar find at a junkers shop we found along the route. I found a few more 1 dollar items there including 2 Pyrex 503 refrigerator dish lids.

That's also where I got these two melmac guys here. Neither are marked. The harvest gold refrigerator dish is in the style of Lustro ware, but probably isn't. The confetti bowl is shaped just like a Texas Ware bowl I have, but it is unmarked as well. I was really happy to find a confetti piece for a dollar!

This Anchor Hocking Vitrock is the Oyster & Pearl pattern. Thought it would make a lovely go-along to my leaf & blossom Lotus snack sets in some of the same fired-on colors. It was only 8 dollars for the trio.
And finally, a hodge-podge of plates - all of which add to pattern I collect (yes, I'm dish-crazy! :-)

Starting at high noon is a Pyrex dinnerware salad plate. At 3 o'clock is a Petal platter in a lovely blue shade. Bottom plate is Hazel Atlas Ripple salad plate. My husband spotted that one. He's always so pleased when he spots something I think is cool. And I think it's cool that I have a husband who cares!

And finally, the large pink charger is MacBeth-Evans Depression Glass in the American Sweetheart pattern. I have one of these already, but it has a bad spot on it, so it's nice to have another one. It was at another side-of-the-road sell-a-bit-of-everything stores. I considered it a bargain at 5 dollars.

Fun day, very nice trip. The weather was nice and cool and it made for an enjoyable trip overall.

Hope you're finding great things this weekend!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. Sometimes finding lids makes me just as happy as finding the actual Pyrex, especially refrigerator dish lids!

    Love your comment about Pyrex and Jadeite trading places price wise. You are so right. I cannot believe the $48 price tag for a 402 aqua bowl! I have two whole sets of aqua bowls and didn't even pay that much for each set. CRAZY!

    Happy Anniversary :-)