Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thrift roundup

 See this sweet little lady bear? She's missing most of her cold paint now, but she sure is cute, even without it.
 And she's got a buddy. This charming gentleman right here. He's got a touch more paint left, but we just won't mention it to lady bear, in case it makes her jealous. After all, why would he have more decoration than she, when they are actually the same cookie jar!
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 Now, I've yet to fully research this kid, so I'll stick to what little info I pulled out of a quickie google search.

This is referred to as a turnabout, and it is cold painted - meaning the paint was applied after it was fired, making it much more vulnerable to being removed.

I bought this cookie jar behind the counter, in the fancy-pants section of Goodwill. I expected it was going to be marked more than I'd pay for it, but was pleasantly surprised that it was $4.99. Not too bad at all. I think he (?) she (?) it (?) is going to live at our house, on top of the fridge.

But that's not the only thing I found in the fancy-pants section of Goodwill. I found pink gooseberry.

No way!

Yes way!

(Sorry, having a Wayne's World moment there :-)

It was actually just the largest (473) with a lid, and the smallest (471) with no lid, priced together for a gut-goozing, heartstopping, looking-around-for-Robin-Hood-to-save-you-from-the-highway-robbers price of .............


Why, I remember only a couple of years ago, when I confessed to an audience of no one on this humble little blog here that I paid the most I had ever paid for a single piece of Pyrex. 

25 bucks for a pink Scroll spacesaver. 

But it was pink. And I'd kick myself if I didn't have it.

So history repeats itself. Pink Pyrex, the bane of my wallets existence.

And it turns out that the largest piece is what I needed to finish my 470 set (also known as Bake Serve Store casseroles). I already had the smaller two, so I now have a duplicate that I may possible sell after I've loved on it enough to let it go.

Or not. LOL!

In my previous post, I mentioned I'd finished my Butterprint bowl set. Thought these two needed to share a shot. 
Hooray for complete sets!

Two of the most epic Pyrex sets ever, now complete. (Sorry, think I'm having yet another Wayne's World-flavored moment :-)

Hope you're finding cool treasures & tasty treats!

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