Saturday, June 9, 2012

Excuse me while I dork all over myself

Today is the last day of the mini-vacation my husband took for his birthday. Trust me, he got a lot of loot, but it's all man-stuff that I refuse to blog about, haha.

I was trying to be good. Make it about HIS birthday. I spent 15 bucks. 5 antique stores and all I spent was 15 dollars. He was going to spent whatever he wanted (within reason, of course :-). And I was going to be the soul of restraint.

But then he said "Don't they have exclusive Fiesta pieces at Dillard's?"

Oh no he didn't. He did not just INVITE me to go to Dillard's and buy a bunch of Fiesta on his birthday.

Okay, so maybe that's not *Exactly* what he said. But he knows me! He married me! He knows that I lose my mind over pretty kitchen junk!

Well, let me tell you, I had the Fiesta girl working overtime. Not really, but she did run to the back a couple of times, first to check if they had certain colors in the back. And second, for bubble wrap to wrap up all my pretty rice bowls.
Fiesta rice bowls in two sizes - Dillard's exclusives
These are Dillard's exclusives and come in two sizes. The only color I bought more than one of is Marigold, which is a limited run color, scheduled to end around September this year, I think.

Another fun thing was there were other Fiesta fans standing in line in front of me, checking out my loot. We chatted a little & coo'd over the display plate they had of the new color, Flamingo. Hooray for shared dish dork-ery!

But not to be outdone, Vintage Fiesta once again exerts itself into my life -and cabinets- when I least expect it. Take a look at the price sticker.
1 dollar a piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 1 dollar a piece. 1 dollars. I'm dumbfounded. Dumb. Founded.

Apparently the universe really, really wants me to have a vintage Fiesta relish tray. Otherwise, I could not even attempt to explain how I've gotten all the inserts in about a months time, without trying AT ALL.

That center insert was from a separate trip, but was only 8 dollars. So I have 12 bucks total in this? Holy cats! Just out of curiousity, I checked to see what it would cost to get the missing tray in Cobalt blue.

Just a mere $99.95..........

Below, I'm faking it by putting them on a Cobalt dinner plate. Maybe someday I'll have the real thing :-)
Not quite a complete relish tray
Butterprint bowl set COMPLETE! Whoo-hoo!
And finally, I completed my Butterprint Pyrex Cinderella bowl set. Yay! I'm actually using the Fiesta rice bowls to make this Pyrex set stack up like this. I've always wondered how people prop bowls for pictures like this. I tried several suggestions, none of which seemed un-dangerous enough to me - but the rice bowls worked pretty great. Serendipitous dovetailing ;-)

A happy cabinet
The Fiesta I use regularly - a mix of new P86 and vintage. I will probably continue to cycle the vintage out of the mix as I get new pieces. I love using them both, but it could be a problem keeping it straight which pieces can and cannot be dishwashed and microwaved. The yellow bowl here is actually a Harlequin 36's bowl. I love how vibrant it is. I think it looks better with some current colors than its current sibling, Sunflower. I also would have a hard time pulling out my Riviera deep plates in Mauve blue. I have a massive crush on how vintage Mauve Blue and current Scarlet look together.

So that's how this weekend ends for us. Tomorrow is back to the grind. But for the rest of the world, enjoy your Sunday off, if you have it, and have a great rest of the weekend!

Happy treasure hunting!

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