Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Loot!

This made me cry. These two Pyrex sets were gifts from my mother-in-law that she originally received as wedding shower gifts. She has used them and cared for them for 30 years now. Amazing! I'm about to tear up again just writing about it, so I'll just say these will be treasured family heirlooms for a long, long time to come. Love you, Mom!
This handsome casserole here is an uncommon promotional piece whose actual age and name are unknown. It's been nicknamed "Brown Onion" or "Raffia" by the Pyrexlove flickr group. It's an incredibly useful size - 475 2 1/2 quart - a style of piece that I knew existed but almost never see for sale. Far more uncommon still is the fact that it has its original decorated lid and hugger cradle - all things that tend to become lost, broken, or otherwise separated over time. It's in amazing condition and has definitely been taken care of. It *almost* scares me to use it, but I'm going to. It's just not going to see the inside of an oven, I'll tell you that much. I think this is going to be my new banana pudding dish.
And finally, these are gifts from my dear husband. Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child - hooray for having a hard copy to take into the kitchen with me!!!! A new Fiesta ring-handled teapot in Peacock blue & a vintage original, radioactive Red Fiesta teacup and saucer. Love them!!!

Is it ridiculous that I am distrustful of modern plastic but have no qualms about eating or drinking out of radioactive dishes? The way I see it is, I haven't turned into Spiderman yet, so unless my superpowers become activated, I'm using my pretty Fiestaware. (Actually, I'd try to use it more and more if it activated superpowers................)

Anyway, this is my fantastic vintage Christmas loot. I am beyond grateful for the wonderful, wonderful people in my life who are the real gifts & treasures. I love you, all.

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