Saturday, April 28, 2018

This Old Bowl

On this weeks episode of This Old Bowl - My first purchase - that I can actually remember, lol.

I'm really not sure if this was my first Pyrex bowl find, but it's definitely the first purchase I can clearly remember making. If I took the time to pursue This Old Blog here, I might be able to find evidence one way or the other. But at this point, I blog infrequently enough I'm just going to march on with this post lest I get distracted and let another 6, 8, 10 months go by without an update.

At any rate, this bowl was purchased at the now defunct Antique Store in my hometown, one of the very first times if not THE first time I was going to an antique store specifically to hunt for vintage Pyrex.

It was sometime in 2010, and probably before I ever started this blog. Or likely even dreamed I'd start an online blog for my thrift store and antique hauls.

I also bought something Snowflake Blue, though now I cannot remember what.

The blue dots bowl was in the last booth before we rounded back to the entrance. It was expensive (to me), but the whole booth was on some sort of discount that would made it 8 dollars.

8 dollars was a lot to me for Pyrex. And it had the tiniest sliver chip around the rim, which wasn't helping me spend the money on it.

My sweet husband gave me what in the future he would say probably several hundred more times - the first, "You want it. Go ahead and get it, honey" of his husband career.

It was quite a long time after that before I added a single additional dots bowl, so I was very pleased I'd picked this one up while I had the chance.

It probably took me another 5 years to finish the set, and let me tell you, the last bowl I bought was the largest green dots 404, and I paid a whole lot more than 8 dollars for it. 

Looking back, there are things now I wish I'd been a whole lot less patient about. Lol! Is that even a thing? Regretting patience?

Lets see, I remember when you could buy a Starburst online for less than 30 dollars shipped. I watched a black Starburst sell for around 11 once on ebay. This was all before the facebook groups even existed.

I remember Corelle Corner, forums on microwavecookingforone that I used for reference a few times. I remember amazing contributors on the Pyrex Love flickr group. The SITE Pyrex Love, when it was still quasi- active.

There's been so much change in this time I can't even name half of it.

So for now I will wrap up this weeks episode of This Old Bowl, and wish you the best of luck out there finding thrifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. So glad to see you back! Do you collect anything other than Pyrex/Corningware/etc? If so, maybe you could write some posts about that? I just love your blog & I'd like to see you post more, no matter what it's about! :)