Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Halloween Pyrex!

Here's a family portrait of all the Halloween Pyrex I've collected over the last 6 years!

I attempted to do this post this time last year. Didn't happen. Then I had work done on my house for the last few months, too many things went into storage and I couldn't access these dishes.

And forgive me, none of these guys have even had a proper dusting since get them out, I just wanted to get this post up before Halloween could come and go again this year!

These are the first two years they came out - 2012 & 2013. I've bought every years patterns from Target, though I've also picked up spares from the Corningware Outlet. And one year I found one at Ross for $3.99 in the previous years pattern.

The Halloween design was the first time it appeared that World Kitchen was aware of just how popular patterned vintage Pyrex had become, and attempted to make a nod to the collectors with these limited edition pieces.

At my Target, they seemed to sell pretty quick and were popping up on ebay for a premium price. I'm not sure if they made any other seasonal items at that point? I want to say it they didn't do a second pattern until Halloween 2013, but I am really not sure. And I've been too inconsistent about blogging to be able to search my posts to double check.

At any rate, I picked up these Halloween pieces, and made an attempt to pick up Christmas and Valentine's Day when they started coming out. But pretty soon I felt a bit overwhelmed with how many different patterns they were now making. So I slacked off buying any of them except the Halloween. Seemed fitting since that was the first style of these they made, and the ones I was most interested in.

In 2014, they added a white ghost pattern. And in 2015, they traded pumpkins for black cats.

In 2016, they kept the same two skull & cat patterns, but swapped the ghosts out for owls on a fence. Sorry my picture is so dark here.

Trying to get a brighter picture of them all in the right order on my snazzy new tablecloth, also from Target this year.


I have really fallen off of the vintage bandwagon the last couple of years. It's just gotten so dog-eat-dog in the collector world it's hard to find the things I love for a price I can pay.

The bad thing is, I've taken up other hobbies that are just as - or even more- expensive. So in some ways, I'm a glutton for punishment.

Oh, and a few last notes. I've seen pictures circulating around of a few things that I believe are special items. One is a Halloween take on the classic Butterprint pattern turned into a headless horseman & witch with lots of fantastic halloween details, rats and tombstones, boiling cauldrons, skeletons & pumpkins. This is a decal I've found available on etsy that you can use to decorate everything from glassware to stand mixers. Very cute, cool concept! I believe it was derived from an idea by a factory employee that may or may not have actually made it though a test production.

And the other one is a take on the Day of the Dead style skull used in both 2015 and 2016's designs, that was posted on instagram by mega-collector and rare Pyrex book author Megan McGrady aka Hot for Pyrex. She describes it as the original design, magnified and layered onto the bowl. It was presented to her as a gift, and to her knowledge it is one of maybe a handful.

Lucky duck!


Hope all is well where you are, and that you are finding fabulous treasures out there in the world. My next plans are, the minute Halloween is over, the Christmas decorations are going up. I can barely stop myself from just going ahead and putting up the tree now. I am a maniac, lol!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Thank you so much, Jess. Your comment makes my day! You are so kind. Thank you for sticking around :-)


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