Saturday, August 20, 2016


I haven't been out much. Did manage to sneak in a hop to the local antique stores in between appointments and found this incomplete Pyrex Butterprint Cinderella bowl set for 35 dollars, which far enough below retail for stores around here that I was not going to leave without it. I only really needed the middle blue 442 bowl to complete my duplicate set - which I have seen for sale by itself for 30 + bucks before, just by itself.

So I suppose I'll think of the smallest bowl as the beginning of a duplicate set for my still incomplete all turquoise-on-white set. I think Butterprint continues to be my favorite standard Pyrex pattern.

And here's my only real successful thrift trip (my only other find at all was a chippy medium refrigerator dish lid at GW):

Another slightly chippy Franciscan Starburst dinner plate, which I believe was 60 cents. Miller Studios chalkware birds, also slightly chippy, but absolutely adorable, which were also very cheap. Surprisingly enough to me, these are dated 1970, when I would think just by looking at them that they were more 1950's era!

And finally, a Fire King Azurite chili bowl that was in the collectibles section for 3 dollars.

I also learned while looking up the Fire King bowl that the chili bowl was also made in Turquoise Blue, which came as a surprise to me. I'd never seen either before, only the Jadeite chili bowl. Here's a post I made a few years ago about the differences in shade between Azurite and Turquoise Blue.

My one jadeite chili bowl was also a thrift find, so long ago now I don't remember where I got it or what I paid for it - which for me is unusual. I tend to remember prices I paid and where I bought something without trying, but generally have no idea how long it's been since I bought it. Which is exactly what this blog is good for. I can just read my own posts and go "Oh yeah! THAT'S when I got that!" Lol!

Now my husband and I each have our choice of Fire King chili bowl to use, though if I'm being honest, these bowls are so small by today's standards, that I'd be more likely to use them for dips or a small desert, like pudding.

So that's my finds as of late.

Hope you're finding thrifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. Butterprint is a pretty easy pattern to find around here but the prices are so high! And don't even get me started on Gooseberry. There is a full set of Cinderella bowls at a local antique mall for $225.00. I am so happy to have thrifted my set!