Saturday, July 9, 2016

Snowflakes in July

Hey there! Long time no post.

Just haven't been getting out much. I know Summer is the season to yard sale & estate sale, but my schedule doesn't permit a whole lot of that on the weekends. I've hit a few thrifts, but for the most part they are complete busts.

But despite being broke, yesterday we got out and hit up some antique stores a ways away from our normal haunts and actually managed to score not one but TWO Snowflake Pyrex Space Saver casseroles that I didn't already have!

Neither one came with lids, unfortunately, so I used one of my others for the picture. The Charcoal one was my first find of the day, and I felt victorious to find a piece I'd been looking for in the wild for so long. And it was a reasonable $17.50, which made it feel even better.

The turquoise-on-white was found at nearly the last stop of the day. No lid for it either, and it was $15.00. Completely surprised I found two space savers I didn't have in one day for reasonable prices.

Next up, a couple of thrift finds.

These sweet baby pink dish holders were $1.49 for both!


The large Fire King bowl was a find from the same thrift for $5.99. It's the largest of that style Fire King bowl I've ever come across. The Glamalite glasses were actually an antique store score from the other day, but I believe they are also Fire King. I saw an original label online that touted these as insulated to keep cold or hot beverages hot or cold for twice as long, and no need for a coaster. Neat-o!

And finally, the rest of my antique store scores for the day.

These guys are for the birds! Haha. This lidless Friendship divided dish, Country Festival Corning Ware, and duck measuring cups all seem to be bird themed. And they were all bargains, too!

Two all-white teacups from the Hazel Atlas Ripple pattern I collect. And the smaller of the two Olive Medallion oval casseroles. I have the pair of them now, just not the gold version.

Hard to believe the year is halfway over already! There are still two yearly yardsales coming up late summer and fall that I look forward to hitting multiple days of, so I'm pretty much saving my pennies and dimes for them.

Hope you're finding cool treats in this hot summer weather!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Great snowflake finds! Have those in casseroles, but no space savers yet..I will keep hunting!

  2. I added a snowflake open baker to my collection the other day. I'm only 3 dishes away from having the complete set. I'm being super strict about not buying online so it's been slow going.

    I'm excited for the yearly yard sales for you too. If I remember correctly, you've had some really good luck at those!