Monday, September 7, 2015

Thrifty Treasures

Headed up the other day to a large area flea market that is an hour plus drive from home. Hubby didn't find many goodies that day, but I got what I felt like was a pretty good deal on a grouping of Fire King Jadeite. 25 dollars for two Swirl mixing bowls and a batter bowl, all in nice condition.

Picked up another Hazel Atlas pink Ripple saucer from another vendor for a dollar. Some day I will have a pink set pieced together to go with my turquoise.

This next grouping of dishes was bought at two different GW's on two different days, and has a few things in common. Each dish was 99 cents, and they aren't marked, which is, I believe, the entire reason they ended up being cheap. The Fire King Azurite Charm plates are the dinner plate size. It's been several years since I've added a single piece to my Charm collection, so to add dinner plates for a song was a very nice surprise.

The FK Jadeite saucer is the ubiquitous Jane Ray, but I'm never going to pass on thrift store jadeite.
And the white sugar bowl is MacBeth Evans Depression Glass in the American Sweetheart pattern.

Almost all my American Sweetheart (pink, clear, and Monax) has come from thrift stores for a dollar a piece or less. With this particular sugar bowl, it's not particularly valuable in itself, but the lid for it is rare and can sell for hundreds of dollars.

And finally, these canisters came from my very favorite antique store, nicely priced at $9.95. But what made my day most of all is that I didn't have this matching Cookies canister. So cool that even the lettering is also white like my flour, sugar, coffee & tea set.

The tea canister with silver lettering is a single for me, so I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for its silver-lettered siblings.

Hope you're having a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. That cookie jar is the best! You have the best luck finding canisters!


  2. Great buy on the jadeite swirl bowls. I have the large one for years, I guess I should try to put a set together!

  3. Love the canisters!

  4. Wow what luck finding those at thrift stores and at those ridiculous prices! I finally found a batter bowl last year and it got chipped when "someone" put it in the dishwasher :(