Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fire King Stripes set complete!

Picked up the largest pink bowl today at a local antique store for $14.99 and it completed my set!

It's a shade lighter than the grease jar and shakers, so if I get the chance to, I really wouldn't mind picking up another darker one and relegating this lighter pink to an everyday user bowl. Typically in my area Fire King bowls are more expensive than Pyrex, and seem to be more fragile, so they're mostly display-only pieces in my collection - though I do use some jadeite and turquoise blue pieces from time to time.

There is also a batter bowl that I'd like to have. The band is red, so it doesn't exactly fit this pink/blue/yellow color scheme, I still think it would be a nice compliment to them.

And I also found a really cool vintage item that even though I was with my husband when we bought it I asked him to wrap it up and give it to me for Christmas. I'm excited to share it after Christmas!

How's everyone coming on the Christmas decorating? We put up our tree last night. I'm still mussing and fussing with ornaments and decorations. I'll get it together at some point, lol!

Hope you found nice surprises this weekend!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I love that set! I have it all too except for the batter bowl. I wonder why it is red and not one of the other colors?

    Have fun decorating!


  2. Wow, I've never seen any of those pieces before!! Gorgeous set!

  3. I love it! I have the pink bowl & I bought a shaker, have yet to get it. It's a drop dead gorge set.

    Christmas decorating here.. it's still all in our storage unit downstairs, but all the eye candy that's been picked up recently is out & about!

  4. That is a beautiful collection, you find the most amazing pieces! Wish I lived where you live. :)