Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blue Christmas

Haven't been thrifting much lately, and when I have, the shelves are bare. I've read here and there that donations are down in general and kitchen stuff - my favorite- is getting snapped up quick for Holiday meals.

So, again, I'm turning to antique stores to get my vintage fix.

I haven't run across Colonial Mist all that often, and really didn't intend to collect it, but these two bowls were sold together for 12 dollars - thriftier priced than most other items I was seeing - so I bought. I like that the missing 402 and largest sized 404 bowls could come in either white with a blue pattern or be decorated the same as these. As I understand it, the difference is that the set alternated colors when it was sold together in the same box as a 3 or 4 bowl set, but only the solid blue with white pattern was sold as open stock.

The turquoise-on-white version of Butterprint is a duplicate for me, but it came from a booth having a 20% off sale, so it came home with me as well. My husband says I have a sickness for Butterprint. Personally I agree, I just think it also extends out to practically any Pyrex pattern, and pretty much every other type of decorated opal white/milk glass kitchenware - Pyrex, Fire King, Hazel Atlas, McKee etc. :-)

And finally, these are Christmas presents. My husband ordered them as a surprise for me. They arrived just moments before we were headed out the door together. And since they were glass, he was anxious to inspect the package and make sure everything was a-okay. So he just gave them to me early.

(Of course, me standing there like a little kid with Gimme-Gimme-Gimme eyes probably had something to do with getting them early, LOL)

I hope to find the solid blue 402 that nests between them, but for now, my two Horizon Blue bowls are nesting in between the two Snowflake Blue bowls I own, making a sort of blue set of their very own.

Hope you are finding grand and thrifty vintage treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. Horizon Blue is one of my absolute favorite patterns to collect! I have the both the Cinderella and mixing bowls sets as well as some of the casseroles and the refrigerator set. Hope you have luck finding more!