Thursday, November 14, 2013

Long time no thrift

I just realized that every picture I've posted here relates to beverages. Unintentional themed thrifting!

First up, I love these polka dot glasses. There were just the 3 of them, but you never know when you'll find the odd matching piece. I love colorful dotted drinking glasses. I have a thing for them and anything striped. Good ways to bring in color that can also can be paired with different sets of dishes for maximum versatility.

I tend to like that more than patterned drinking glasses. That is, until I find a pattern like this one:
These little sweethearts are part of the Strawberry Sunday pattern in Corning Ware and Corelle. I have a single Strawberry Sunday casserole that I previously thrifted. This is one of those patterns I'd love to find more of.
These were all thrifted, except the turquoise vintage Fiesta mug on the left. I picked it up for 5 dollars at an antique store. Check out the lenticular winky eyes on the puppy mug!  That's 49 cents worth of fun if I've ever seen it :-)

Help my soul, I can't hardly force myself to call this pattern Spring Blossom Green. In my heart, it will always be "Crazy Daisy", cause it makes me a little nuts that I keep collecting it!

And I've somehow gone from absolutely loathing the open-handle cups to really liking them. No idea why. I have two of them already, and they've become one of my favorite go-to afternoon teacups. After ignoring them for years, I think I want them in all or most the patterns they came in.
Finally, these Corning Ware coffee percs were fairly cheap. The Blue Cornflower is a 6 cup. It was rode hard and put up wet, meaning I need to find a good guide for cleaning up the inside of this pot.

The black trefoil pattern is a new one to me. It's a simple, rather delicate design that I think I've seen only once before, and I'm probably going to keep it just for the novelty of it.

Both of these percs were involved in recalls in the 1970's due to hazard that the body could become separated from the metal top & handle. I've never tried one of these out because of this issue. I'd really like to find one of the models were the body and spout are all one piece with the band and handle fastened around the neck of it.

All in all, good thrifting day. Only saw one sad piece of dishwashed Pyrex (that I didn't buy). And of course they wanted a fortune for it. Boooo. Hissssssss. Other Negative Noises...................... Haha.

Hope you are finding awesome goodies!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I have a serious problem walking away from vintage drinking glasses and I have the overstuffed cupboards to prove it! Why oh why did they have to make the patterns so dang cute?!


  2. I love vintage glasses, there sure were pretty pattterns!