Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend finds

I've been to a couple of thrift stores and 1 antique store this week but left with nothing but some Corning Ware lids. But this weekend the hubs and I headed down to our favorite weekend spot where there's lots and lots of pretty Pyrex, it just doesn't come cheap.
The Pyrex sandalwood striped bowl is the 402 size that came with the mixed color set. Surprisingly, I found it for 7 dollars at a flea market where I almost never find Pyrex. This one is a duplicate, but it's going to be part of an all Sandalwood bowl set, just one more left to go.

The two blue casseroles are the 473 size that goes with two different casserole sets. Neither came with lids, but luckily I have a bit of 470 lid hoard. The Snowflake Blue is one I didn't have, but the Butterprint I just bought because I have a sickness for Butterprint. All in all, it's probably my favorite pattern.
And finally, I'm in love! This is my first McKee bowl! It's just shy of 7 inches across. It was 15 dollars!!! I was so surprised to find it. McKee bowls and canisters rate very high on my list of super-neato kitchen wares, but I really never think about them because they are so rare in my area. Once in a blue moon a red Ships patterned piece will turn up but it's always pricey.

When I first started collecting, I got a collector's book for Christmas from my in-laws, called Kitchen Glassware of the Depression Years by Cathy and Gene Florence. It's still my favorite book to just randomly thumb through and pipe dream about. (Yes, even more so than my Pyrex books!~)

What I picked out from the book and decided even then was that my holy grail of vintage kitchen was McKee Dots stuff - mixing bowls, canisters, measuring cups, etc. Every time I go antiquing in a new area it crosses my mind at least once, wondering if I'll ever finally see a piece of McKee dots -any color- in person!

But this bow bowl was completely off the map for me. I don't even know how many bowls came in sets like these. Some McKee is pictured in my book, but there's really not a book that details McKee/Glasbake items like there is for Pyrex and Fire King. I've also thought that these bowls and patterns were older, closer to 30's - 40's Depression Era, but I somewhere I have a magazine with an original ad that shows this pattern and it's from the 1950's - more recent than I thought.

Hope you're finding thrifty treats and treasures!

Happy Thrifting!

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  1. Oh! That McKee bowl is too stinkin' cute! I love McKee too but it's always priced sky high on the rare occasion I find it. Yay for you! -Dawn