Sunday, August 4, 2013

Surprise antiquing

This time yesterday I didn't even know the hubs and I were going to go anywhere today, much less to one of our favorite antique haunts that we normally don't visit but maybe twice a year.

There was definitely less Pyrex than in recent years. And it's pretty much been replaced by Corningware. And I'm a fan of Corningware for sure, it's just that on the whole, I'd rather be finding cool Pyrex pieces.

As you can see, two little petite pans found their way home with me. A mid 80's to 90's pattern, aptly named "Pastel Bouquet". At two dollars apiece, that's more what I consider thrift store prices than antique, so they're coming home with me.

The Pyrex bowl set, Woodland pattern, I couldn't pass up. It's really minty and was 20 bucks. Not a great price, but way cheaper than most Pyrex I was seeing. Woodland makes me want to mix up a batch of brownies or chocolate chip cookies. Maybe I like the pattern cause it makes me hungry? :-)

The two pieces of Butterprint made me happy. They came out of a 40% off booth, and I got them for less than 10 bucks total. No lid on the fridgie. The little round 471 is from the solid Butterprint set that is all turquoise on white. I'm still missing most of these somewhat less common versions. I saw the all turquoise on white cinderella bowl set today for an up-chucking price of $120 dollars and to add insult to injury, the largest bowl was chipped. Crazy dealers!

My Best Deal of the day was the Hazel Atlas Ripple plates. 5 of them for 15 bucks! WHOO-HOO!
For the longest, longest time I've had nothing but 1 pink plate and two pink saucers. Then I found the turquoise set, a minty service for 6, all in one fell swoop. Now I have 6 pink plates. Really cool. Love them all so much!
Here's my Fire King Stripes collection so far. I'm missing the larger two bowls - the matching pink & blue. So far, I've found everything fairly affordably, it's just very rare that I find Fire King at all these days. And it's pricey when I do.
And finally, I've had this oval casserole for a few months, but I didn't have the lid. I forked out 6 bucks, just for it. I felt like a shmuck, but at the same time, I know I would have been willing to buy the piece complete for the same amount I paid buying them separate. I saw a few Pyrex lids I would have been happy to have today, but they were all priced at 8-10 dollars each. I'll take my chances that I'll find a piece with a lid for not much more than that.

I was very pleased to get out of the house and get to the antique stores I don't get to go much. It was a nice surprise day out.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Happy Treasure Hunting!


  1. The Colonial Stripe Fire King pieces are on my Wish List but I have never seen them in person. You are so lucky!

    You had a great day. Isn't if fun when you don't expect it?


  2. Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the FK stripes! I would have a duck if I found those :) Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll - what an honor! I've been following you since before I started my blog. First on Blogger, now using Bloglovin. Take care - Dawn

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn! You are so kind. Appreciate you following my blog & leaving comments. It makes my day :-)

      Hope you're having a great weekend!