Thursday, June 20, 2013

A few thrift finds

Fisher Price Discovery Globe
Now I really thought I'd read about these on Apron Thrift Girl. But when I looked for it, I must have skipped over it. Of course it's quite possible it was one of her thrift share links I was actually reading.

Either way, I was glad I read it, because I knew even from a distance exactly what this was and that I totally wanted it.

It cost 3 bucks from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
And instead of describing the features, I'll just post this youtube video about it. Who the heck knows why someone filmed this. And added music also? Perhaps a very thorough ebay seller? lol I clicked on it hoping it was an original commercial, but alas, no. Still totally worth posting though :-)

Out of sheer Pyrex desperation, I bought a piece of Forest Fancies.

Yes, Forest Fancies. You do realize what a sad I have, when I'm super-dooper-whoopered up over a lidless piece of Forest Fancies with no lid and with silver metal utensil marks on the inside. AND it was 2.50.

As in, two dollars and fifty cents. Which is exactly two American dollars more than I was really willing to pay for it.

But I still bought it anyway. Because I'm a desperate Pyrex fiend and it's been probably 3 or 4 months since I last found ANY piece of decorated Opal Pyrex in a thrift store, in ANY condition, at ANY price.

Oh, and that loverly Snowflake Blue casserole didn't even come from the thrift. It came from the Antique Store next door. No lid, 7 dollars. Which is about 5 dollars less than what a decent piece of Pyrex seems to go for around here. And considering I could totally see Goodwill charging 6.99 or more for this exact piece, I'm counting this as a thrifty score.

It's a brutal, brutal Pyrex world out there, kids. People are cray-cray. Charging Mondo-Buckos for my once cheap-and-cheerful Pyrex friends.

In fact, it's been so bleak, I've been cheating on Pyrex.......With Corning Ware!

The top dish was my thrift find. Two dollars, and it came with a lid.

Now that's more like it.

These are the patterns I like most. From top down, Floral Bouquet, Wildflower & Country Festival.

I would also gladly take a few other patterns such as Meadow. And probably others, I'm sure.

Most other Corning Ware collectors I've seen are all about Cornflower Blue & Spice O Life. Neither pattern does much for me. But these more recent & kitchy lines match or are good go-alongs with several Pyrex patterns, so they stay. God help me for all the various dishes I have! :-)

Finally, this was neither a recent score nor a thrift find. But at 3 dollars, it's my favorite piece of Corning Ware.

It's an employee gift - Greencastle Plant Family Day 1974. (Sorry for the crappy pic!)

Corningware from before I was born! (Which is incidentally about the closest I'm going to get to telling my actual age. The number is indeed higher than the maturity level, I assure you. Haha.)

This piece is called a Petite Pan, and it's the smallest size of the two. It holds a whopping 1  3/4 cups. I think this size is adorable. I think of them as Corningware fridgie dishes. :-)


Here's the original commercial for the light up globe. And I TOTALLY REMEMBER THIS. Whooooooo!


  1. I've gotten desperate for Pyrex before and purchased pieces way out of my normal collections. They normally give me my fix for a while, then end up in the garage sale box. I'm hoping that like with everything else collectible, Pyrex is just having it's 15 minutes and will be forgotten about by the dealers soon. Then it will be there (cheaply) for the rest of us!


    1. I know what you mean. I've ended up selling pretty much every piece that I ever hesitated about buying. But I have managed to recoup what I initially spent on it, so I'm okay with that. My house might just be a 'layover' for a piece to end up in the hands of its real rightful owner. I'm very philosophical about my 'rex. Lol!

      I'd love to think that Pyrex prices will stabilize to something I can consistently afford, but I don't have much actual belief in that. I've thought before that of all collectibles, Pyrex is most similar to Jadeite, in terms of how much of it was made, but also how obvious that's what it is. The fact that most Pyrex is very clearly marked, I think is a real problem. It attracts those dealers and resellers that don't care a nit to learn about what they are selling, but yet they are confident enough to price it like it was made of pure gold.

      I guess I'm just sore because I've watched some of my favorite hole-in-the-wall stores go from having Pyrex for 3 bucks a piece to pricing something like a yellow & black Gooseberry Cinderella bowl set for $ 129.00. This, of course has to coincide with the first time they are starting to get in the really good stuff, like stripes bowls, dots, balloons, yellow butterprint - all of it priced to the moon. So I'm pretty jaded right now, you could say.... :-(