Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pink Gooseberries Complete!

This is the entire group of American-made Pink Gooseberry Pyrex. * aaaahhhhhh....Muppet dance*
 My pink gooseberry Pyrex collection is now complete!

The smallest two (501) refrigerator dishes were among my very first pieces of Pyrex, and my first pieces of pink. I've built this collection up over the last 3 years, but stalled on finding the largest refrigerator dish - the very last one I needed.

Finally I gave in and bought it online. Story of my life. And of course I'm trying to buy high demand pieces at a time when prices are climbing to all-new highs (the fact that it's tax refund time probably isn't helping, either).

But nothing, I repeat, nothing compares to pretty pink Pyrex, and a job well done. Now I can rest on my laurels, knowing that I have saved a sweet grandmothers Pyrex from falling into the well of obscurity.

Or something like that. Haha, I get downright imaginative when it comes to finding excuses reasons for buying more Pyrex!
And I just have to show you my two favorite brand-new kitchen towels! The one behind is a new Fiesta official go-along "zig-zag" towel. Not pictured, but I have a new, striped Fiesta dish drying mat that coordinates with the towels. Works great. All these new Fiesta linens are showing up at Kohl's, Dillard's, JC Penney, you name it. Great colors, and seem to be nice quality. Can you tell I'm a fan? :-)

The towel in front was purchased at TJ Maxx and I just HAD TO have it. It features the lovely Cathrineholm (the pink leaf mixing bowl, bottom left) ((OH TO have that actual bowl in real life!!!!!*swoon*)) as well as the lovely green leaf teacup and saucer, bottom right - "Bersa" pattern by the maker, Gustavsberg, designed by the iconic Stig Lindberg.

This little tea towel is likely as close as I will get to either one of these dreamy (and pricey!) pieces.

And my apologies to any commentors, I've had to add a captcha to my blog comments due to a sudden influx of spam comments. I hate to do it - they are annoyingly difficult to read sometimes. If it doesn't help cut down the spam-bots, I'll take the captcha off and just continue manually deleting the fake comments.

Hope this doesn't deter any REAL people from leaving lovely comments! :-)

Hope you are finding thrifty treats & treasures!


  1. What are alm the pieces to this collection. I have recently started

  2. Can you post all of the numbers to your pieces? I am searching for several pieces and it is hard to determine size with a picture online 🤍

  3. Oh my why don't they still make these.. gorgeous...

  4. Ohhh I adore these! My kitchen is gray, white and pink! But these pieces are outside my budget.. But I can dream!

  5. How much for the whole set?