Friday, November 23, 2012

A little blue people & rooster Thanksgiving

The hubs was off the day before Thanksgiving, so we hit the road and went antique shopping. Unfortunately for us, several of our favorite haunts were closed, but we still managed to find some deals.

This largest 404 bowl completed my set!
First up, this big 404 bowl completes my Pyrex "Butterprint" set. And technically, it's the last piece of turquoise Butterprint I was intending to buy. Was so excited to find it for 14.50, described by the dealer as "Little blue people & rooster", hence the blog title. But when we got home with it, I noticed it had been discounted, so it was only 10.50. Woot!

And ironically, this booth was directly across from the one that had this same bowl for $37.50 one of the times I very reluctantly passed it up. Sometimes patience really does pay!

This orange version (also called yellow butterprint) was an online splurge. Little by little, I've been buying the harder-to-find pieces I want online. I guess, in that respect, I've run out of patience already. Some things I just never see locally, so they are worth the extra expensive and trouble to buy online.

And you know what else takes the cakes about buying online, besides expense? Not really knowing what condition your purchases are really going to be in. Thankfully, these bowls are in nice shape - shiny and not dishwasher damaged. But they were absolutely filthy!

Butterprint lovelies
I wanted to use my new bowls for Thanksgiving. I even busted out with my very Penn Dutch-flavored "Heartland" dinnerware. Made by International China in the 90's, it was available in several versions and many, many different kitchen items. Every piece I have has come from thrift stores.

I'm not joking when I say that I think this was the Jewel Tea of the 1990's. My holy grails of this line are the table linens and automatic coffee maker (!). Yes, really. There IS a "Heartland" theme coffee maker. It never ends! lol!

Hope you and yours had a lovely Holiday!

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  1. I saw this pattern for the first time few months ago. I love it. I am not a collector and want to find a complete set for my personal use. If anybody is selling Heartland pattern of international china can you post in craigslist jacksonville fl?