Monday, October 15, 2012

Antique Store finds

 This is the best local antique store haul I've had in ages. Nowadays, I can't go a single post without bemoaning the fact that there's just certain Pyrex pieces I'm hoping to find, and usually I don't find even a single one - much less the 3 I found here.

The snowflake blue Pyrex refrigerator dish is the only piece I have of this set. It was pricey, but not run-for-the-hills pricey. And experience has taught me that this large size (a 503) is difficult to find. I saw the medium size (the 502) when the hubs and I were antique shopping last month. It was priced at 18 dollars. With much sulkiness, I left it behind.

Next up, the red stripe Vitrock mixing bowl was budget-friendly 5 dollars. But, it has utensil marks inside that I've only halfway been able to get out - it's a rare case that Bar Keeper's Friend fails me, but when it does, it's always metal marks. Here it is with my only other red stripe kitchen item:

Anchor Hocking Vitrock mixing bowl, Hazel Atlas 4 cup measure
And as much as this mixing bowl looks like it was made to match this measuring cup, they are in fact made by two different companies. The mixing bowl is technically "Vitrock" because it was made by Anchor Hocking. The measuring cup was made by Hazel Atlas, but is unmarked. Now I know that when they made this type of material on dinnerware, they called it "Platonite". I'm not sure if that term would apply here, but the material is the same.

It's different than milk glass because it is matte, and can vary in shade from white to cream/beige/taupe. In the case of Anchor Hocking, I've seen it said that this material was made to compete with the china trade. And it certainly looks more china than glassware. There are many items made by several companies in this type of material that are easily overlooked as being china or ceramics.
Twin Buffet Twins. Or does that make it Buffet Triplets?
Not much to say on the yellow stripe Pyrex bowl, other than it's loverly, and a duplicate for me. I've given myself full bore permission to totally hoard my favorite Pyrex bowls. Stripes is one of those patterns that I rarely see, so if it's reasonably priced, it's all mine, baby!

And finally, the blue/green fade leaves dish is another I've only seen online before. Like the gold-on-cream version, it should be a twin and come with a double sided server. So now I have buffet triplets.

Did you notice these are two different sizes? The gold version is a 473 and the blue/green fade is the more shallow 472. The carriers are also two different styles. I've seen the carrier for sale in an antique store before, but it was paired with mismatched dishes in a pattern I don't care for, and it was expensive. I don't remember how much, but too rich for my blood. If I were more of a completists or much of a fan of the carriers, I might have popped for it anyway.

So, good day yesterday and good finds. Today I am celebrating my one year anniversary of quitting smoking (One of the damn hardest things I have EVER done), so these are my presents, lol!

Hope you are finding awesome treasures!

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