Thursday, September 20, 2012

Anniversary Goodness - Day 1

Two days ago was mine & my husband's 7 year wedding anniversary! Can't believe we haven't killed each other yet! :-)

Here's my anniversary haul:

Anniversary loot!
I'm surprised I only bought 6 pieces of Pyrex - 5 of which are pictured here, and one very, very tragic piece of Sandalwood, smashed to a million bits, that I didn't even get to the car with (!). Sad, sad Sandalwood, I hardly knew you *sniff*

And I know, I know. Only 6 pieces? You have to be a true Pyrex collector to understand that this is not at all excessive. In fact, it is well and truly restrained. Yep. (Right?)

So, only 6.... I was giving myself permission for WEEKS to buy as much as I could find that I wanted as long as I stayed on budget. Otherwise, I'd be forced - forced, I say - to spent my husband's budget as well. (Which I sorta did....... Um....... I LOVE YOU HONEY. Hi! You're awesome :-)

And you know what's even more awesome about 3 of these pieces? They all completed sets!!! Whoo-Hoo!
Complete sets are Love. l-r Verde Square Flowers refrigerator dish set, Sandalwood Cinderella mixing bowl set, Stripes 3 piece mixing bowl set

 I love my Sandalwood set. The largest bowl was one of my very first pieces, over two years ago now. And it has taken me this entire time to complete it, one bowl at a time. And funny enough, this time last year, I came home with the second largest piece from this set. So it reminds me of more than one anniversary. It's definitely a favorite.

Next up, my other dish obsession - Fiesta and other HLC lines.

 I added an original green Carnival plate and grey teacup to my collection. Beside those is a vintage Chartreuse Fiesta Tom & Jerry mug that I was very happy to find for 10 bucks! And finally, an original green Riviera teacup.

The more pieces of Riviera I add to my collection, the more I feel like it outshines Fiesta. It's just that it is becoming hard to find in any condition and less likely to find deals on. This teacup was 6 dollars, but the only other Riviera I spotted that day was marked 25 bucks for a cup & saucer set. Which, for me, is a forget-about-it price. Not happening.

And speaking of Fiesta, this was my one new item purchase - a heart bowl in Marigold. This color is the special 75th Anniversary color and it will be discontinued by the end of this year. The heart bowls are special items that are exclusives to the 'small' Fiesta retailers - NOT available in chain stores like Kohl's, Dillards, etc.

And the other heart pictured is a trinket box in a china pattern that I also- somewhat reluctantly- collect, called "Heartland" made by International China. It's by far and away the most 1980's- looking thing I collect, and of course it's dishes. Which you can totally tell from this blog that I simply don't have enough dishes.
 And my final items...well...they are show-stoppers. To me, at least, dish junky that I am.

Fire King red dots mixing bowls!!!!! Lovelovelovelovelovelovelove (you get the idea, lol!)

 I am just missing the smallest 1 quart bowl now. lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove

And when we got home, guess what arrived in the mail?
Pink bowls!!! Whoo-Hoo!
 Again, this set is missing a bowl. Seems to be a theme, lol. Oh well, give me more of an excuse to go shopping some more!

I can't believe I got two of my holy grail bowl sets in just one day! And what a perfect day for them. So much happy. gets worse. We went shopping again THE NEXT DAY. More goodies for another post. Holy cats!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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