Monday, August 20, 2012


Pyrex Pink Gooseberry 480 casserole set
 Now these were from a few weeks ago - an online purchase. I've hit that point where the things I'm looking for just don't seem to be able to be found locally, so I've bitten the bullet and ordered online.

 The whole pink gooseberry family, minus the refrigerator dishes. Of which I'm only missing one. I will be happy and relieved to find it. Prices for pink pyrex seem to be steadily climbing, and I'll be glad when I've got the exact pieces I want, and can be done with buying it.
Just need 1 more! Woo-hoo!
 So close! Just one little fridgie and this set will also be complete. Sqeeeeeeeeeeee.
 I got the smallest pink daisy dish today - an online purchase. Paid more to ship it than I won it for. Buying online is for the birds!
 The smallest round dish here (the 023) was a local find. Had never found an 023 'in the wild' before, and was very happy it was pink. I'm not for sure, but I believe the only other solid colored 023's that are known are turquoise and butter yellow.
And finally, that's not pink! The Spring Blossom green fridgie was a GW find for $4.99. The opal fridgie is unmarked. Found it in a local antique store, with lid, for 6 bucks. Not too bad.

And I was really happy to find the Spring Blossom fridgie. It's the first time I've found Pyrex in the local thrifts in a while. When I do, I'm usually so excited about it that I go home and immediately blog about it.

Lame, huh? Haha.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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