Monday, April 23, 2012

Pink Pyrex. Finally!

Finally! Delicious, bubble-gum Pink Pyrex fridgies. 2 down, 2 more to go! I have waited for you for so long!

Well, it feels like so long. In reality, it's been about two years. But still, out of all the antique stores I've visited, all the thrift stores, I've seen this solid, bubble-gum pink exactly twice. The first time was a solid pink, round 024 casserole - which I bought (and love). The second time, however, was this past Valentine's Day, when we ventured to Georgia to hit up some antique stores we only visit maybe once or twice a year. This is where I saw a tiny pink fridgie, absolutely dish-washed, but still with an 18 dollar price tag. Ugh! No thank you!

These guys were online purchases. A very, very rare thing for me. Now, most people say the reason they don't buy online is because they don't get 'the thrill of the hunt'. That doesn't really hold true for me. The biggest reason I don't buy online is because A) I don't get to check the condition first and B) I'm a cheapskate. I don't want to pay for shipping!

Case in point, I won these fridgies for less than 14 bucks for the two of them. A very reasonable price for pink, in my opinion. But the shipping and handling cost slightly more than the winning bid, bringing the total up to 30 bucks. Which is STILL, I think, a good price. If I'm lucky enough to complete this set for 30 more dollars, I'll count myself fortunate.
And now I can do this! I'm only missing a few of the solid colors, but I'm not even sure I really want them. They are mostly the rusts, browns & beiges. And actually, these guys are lined up in the order they pair up with. From the top down, Friendship, Daisy, Primary, Verde, Turquoise, Pink. Wish I could do the same with the largest refrigerator dish ( the 503), but that size has always been hard to find! If all goes well, we'll be heading to Georgia again on my birthday - which is about a week from now. Last year, what I wanted most was a turquoise blue Pyrex bowl set, and I found one. This year, I want the same one in pink. So cross your fingers and wish me luck.

Happy Thrifting!

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