Monday, March 12, 2012

I confess. I am a lid hoarder.

This here is my hoard of lids. Yep, you heard me right. A hoard of lids. They live inside my great-grandmothers Pyrex loaf dish, in an upper cabinet that I have to climb on a chair to retrieve.

You may ask yourself and I'm sure you often do "Why hoard lids?"

Well, since you asked, it's because sometimes they go from looking like this:
(sad, lonely little lidsies)

to this:
(Reunited and it feels so good!)

The McKee canister on the left was a lidless GW find for $2.99 and should have come with a milk glass lid. But on a lark, I tried a marked Glasbake lid from my lid hoard, and it fits perfectly. And I actually like it better than what the real lid looks like.

And the Fire King grease jar was quite a bit cheaper than it would have been had it come with a lid. I paid 25 cents for the lid at a little mom-and-pop shop a year before I even knew what it was. It just chilled out in my cabinet with its hoarded brethren, lol.

And speaking of brethren, I'm not even sure I can identify all of these. But by hook or by crook, I know they'll eventually be paired with something - even if that something isn't exactly what it was designed to pair with.
What could be missing in from a hoard of lids? How about a hoard of bases?
This Hazel Atlas Criss-Cross butter dish is missing its bottom, and the small refrigerator dish is missing its lid. Figures, right? Not a one of the lids from my hoard fits its very distinct, square shape.

Oh well, all the sweeter when these guys are reunited.

Happy treasure hunting!

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