Sunday, February 26, 2012

Putting it all together

I recently moved this cabinet into the kitchen. At first I filled it with mixing bowls and Pyrex I wanted to display. But then I had a change of heart. My 1950's Pyrex dinnerware has never been out on display, so I decided this would be a good opportunity to pull it out.

This is a hodge-podge of 4 colors of Pyrex dinnerware and a whole rainbow of Homer Laughlin dishes. Mostly Fiesta, Harlequin & Riviera.

The Pyrex dinnerware was my first love. I started hunting vintage Pyrex two summers ago. But instead of finding a bowl like I was looking for, I found 3 grey teacups and a serving bowl. And once I researched them, I made up my mind pretty much immediately that I wanted all 4 colors they came in - dove grey, flamingo red/pink, turquoise, & lime green.

Fast forward almost two years later as I am discovering Fiesta and other vintage HLC lines. What crossed my mind then was the idea that I could collect complimentary HLC pieces that were never even made in Pyrex, such as teapots, coffeepots, gravy boats, certain serving pieces, etc. Even the colors line up. Fiesta Chartreuse to Pyrex Lime, turquoise to turquoise, grey to grey - But no real match to Flamingo (Rose is the closest).

Well, come to find out that - of all colors - Flamingo pink may actually be the newest HLC color this year. I think they'll announce it in March. It would be really cool if it is!

And while I think it was a good idea/intention to only collecting complimentary pieces, that's not exactly what's happened. I've bought redundant pieces, like as teacups, creamers, & sugars and also bought plenty of Fiesta colors that are not at all the 4 that match the Pyrex. I think, like plenty of other collectors, if it's nice, and in my price range, it's all mine. LOL!

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