Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cabinet Space

For the umpteenth time this year, I just reorganized my Pyrex cabinets. (Yes, cabinetS, in the plural). It looks lovely & tidy & colorful now. Whew!

Here's a peek into my newly reorganized cabinets. I hope this happy mess doesn't get me nominated for Hoarders.Bowls, bowls & more bowls. At this point, they take up an entire cabinet just by themselves. I'm kind of a crazy bowl lady. Also, the top right pink bowl is Glasbake. These are my Sunbeam standmixer bowls.
Top cabinet: Casseroles. Mostly 024's (probably my next favorite piece after the bowls), and 470 series pieces. Also, top is my collection of vacuum coffee makers. These are mostly Sunbeam Coffeemasters, but I have odd pieces that are Cory & Pyrex. These guys are impossible to photograph. The glare makes my camera go crazy, so this pic isn't the greatest.
And finally, the sweet sweet caramel-y center of my collection: Space Savers, Oval casseroles, Refrigerator dishes & bakeware. (Left of bakeware, my 3 lone Hazel Atlas bowls). The fridgies are a bit hidden. I love them, but don't actually use them much, so space-wise they've taken a bit of a backseat to pieces to the large baking dishes.

At this point, I'm one piece away from finishing so many sets. I'd really like to have a china cabinet of some sort to display them when they are complete.

And as haphazard as this all may look, I've actually really really tried to stay within some sort of bounds. I've focused mainly on 1950's colors, promotional patterns & certain shapes/styles that I like and use the most.

As for collecting, I've found that one of the best things about Pyrex can also be one of the worst: There's just So Much of It to Choose from! If I had to guess, I'd say there are several hundred, if not a thousand+ distinct color/pattern/shape configurations to choose from - which makes it all the easier to quickly & fairly inexpensively amass more of it than you'd even dream you had!

Now that I'm a year into collecting, my finds have really slowed down. It's so fun in the beginning, when you have very little. Everything is new. Now that I'm this far into it, I realize how much space it takes up. Both my storage & display spaces are maxed out, and a new & better solution is needed.

But for now, I'll throw open my newly-organized cabinet doors and admire my "purdy's" (as my grandma called them).

Happy Collecting!

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