Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rant blog for my fellow Pyrex junkies

And just a little bit of rant in relation to my last blog. I got GREAT DEALS yesterday. I don't know why these pieces were reasonable prices floating above the sea of crazy, but they very much were. Same day, same mall:

Booth I got the yellow Embroidery casserole for 12 dollars with carrier was charging 15 bucks a piece for 12 ounce red square ramekins.

Same booth I got the $25 pink Scroll casserole had a delphite divided dish for $45 dollars.

Different store, bought NOTHING there, wanted $45 for the (444) largest Cinderella pink Gooseberry mixing bowl & $25 for the next smallest. And they were NOT in very good shape!
$22 for largest Sandalwood Cinderella mixing bowl, $20 for next largest. *sniff* I so would have bought that one if it had even been flirting with being reasonably priced.

Not the same day or place, but these prices reminded me of a more local store that wanted $25 for the smallest patterned Friendship mixing bowl.

So, once again, I don't know why I found a couple of great pieces for great prices, but I'm happy I did!

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