Sunday, January 2, 2011


It was Christmas of 2000 got I got my first actual computer. I realize that's pretty late in the game to be getting a first computer, but honestly, I had yet to develop a real 'need' or taste for having my own until that point.

Back then, it was used primarily to take personality tests, play the Sims, and check email that pretty much still contained nothing more than goofy forwards from other folks like me who had yet to develop a real 'need' for a computer yet either.

Flash forward to now. 2011. (I'm typing "2011" for practice. It will still probably take me 6 months to get used to, and by then, it will be almost a whole 'nother year)

So, it's 2011, and computers have practically obsoleted things I used to 'collect' with some passion. Namely, CD's and DVD's.

It really wasn't all that long ago (okay, maybe longer ago than I care to admit) that you kinda had to have the album in order to listen to it. Sure, you could find certain songs. But what about those rare European live tracks on the super-rare gold foil edition?

Or, you had to have the DVD. There was little of this 'streaming' jazz (Hello, dial-up!). And forget about having too much of your video library actually ON your computer, because it took up too much space.

Perhaps it's simple. I just don't adapt well.

I see myself as a member of Gen X in a world that now belongs to Gen Y. My sister-in-law (who is 12 years my junior) is an ever constant reminder of this.

And I realize that I need to be (and AM becoming) more much choosy about what media actually warrants keeping a physical, hard copy of.

But here, in 2011, (still practicing, lol), I am excited to be able to choose pretty easily and readily, what I believe to be the best, most timeless, greatest things made in this country from over the course of the last hundred years.

I can have the best computer (manufactured yesterday), the best cookware (manufactured 30-70 years ago and some more recent bright spots) and I can make up the rules as I go along, mixing and matching decades, enjoying them all.

So, I am grateful for the times, whether I adjust well to them or not. But equally grateful that this year was the year I really opened up to the 'before my time's. And I am truly looking forward to the times ahead!

Happy New Year!

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