Sunday, November 7, 2010

Great thrifting day

Yesterday I had one of those days. A pretty amazing day, in fact. The kinda day that I read about on other people's blogs and think, "Wow, I'll totally never be that lucky."

First off, it was half-off day at Goodwill. And despite the fact that I do not and have never sewn before in my life, I found fabric that I absolutely had to have.
I think this print is my favorite print I've ever seen. I bought it without even unfolding it. And when I did, I realized it was already cut to a shape that would be perfect for an apron.

And honestly, I don't even know what this type of material is called. It's thick & probably more suitable for something like drapes or pillows. It doesn't seem quite right for a tablecloth, but that's what I keep wanting to do with it.This one I'm thinking about framing. I have no idea what the end result would look like, but it just looks like a piece of art.

These fabric samples are small, but I would love to figure out how to make purses out of them. They're probably more suitable to use as purse liners, but they are just so outrageously tacky-cute I really want the pattern to be seen.

And finally, I got a cute yellow Cronin teapot for a buck-fitty. I want to post a picture of it, but Blogger formatting gets the best of me every single time I try to post a picture-heavy post, so I'll save it for later. And speaking of saving for later, I also completed my Pyrex primary mixing bowl set the same day. Not a Goodwill purchase, but one I'm very pleased with. All in all, good day out junkin'.

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