Thursday, May 1, 2014

Since Saturday

This is the hodge-podge of things I've picked up at thrift stores since Saturday. This grouping was right at five dollars for all. I've never used a pie funnel or pie bird before, but I had to have it because it was Mason Cash.

My first exposure to that company was that I had taken a liking to a fruit decorated mixing bowl on The Pioneer Woman cooking show and started doing a search to see what it was. Turns out it was Mason Cash (a UK company), and the bowls come in Lemon, Orange, Strawberry & Lime. I've yet to see one in real life - or even know a store where they are sold, so it's one of those things I think I'd have to buy online just to decide whether or not I like it. When I was searching, I discovered the company had been around for a very long time, still making some of the same original designs. In fact, I'm pretty sure these are the bowls used in the kitchen on Downton Abbey.

The next few things came from a local sale. We didn't buy much, but I like what got.
These electric Christmas lamps were taped together for 2 dollars. They have glass globes, still intact. The bulb still worked in the one I took out of the box and plugged in, so I'm optimistic they'll both work.

These slides were also taped together for two dollars. And technically they are my husband's score, but he's a big ole lamey McLamerpants who never posts about his cool swag. So I will. I think these are simultaneously cute and gross. I've been looking on ebay at the other ones that come up and they are all equally cool, cute and totally gross - such as Organs of Mammals or Structure of Blood. My favorite one online was Blood Suckers and Noxious Insects. Totally cool.

The Fiesta Latte mug in Peacock was the only other item I picked up. It was just a dollar! Normally these Latte mugs are a Kohl's exclusive and they cost about a bazillion dollars apiece. I have two others, one in Marigold and the other Turquoise. I bought them when they were on sale (which is STILL like 16 dollars) and I had Kohl's Cash I needed to use. But I still have a hard time forking out more than about two bucks for a coffee mug.

The yellow Pyrex bowl was from a nearby antique store. I have it already, but I couldn't resist. It was 8 bucks, which is slightly lower than average price around here. Perhaps the patches of sunny weather we've had here and there are actually shaking loose some good Pyrex?

And finally, I stopped at a new-to-me thrift store and saw this bowl set the minute I walked in the door. 8.99 for the whole set. Can you believe it? Had this been at Goodwill, they'd have had it in the fancy antiques section and had full ebay price on it.

Over the years I've completed this set for my mom, who only had two survivors from her original set. Plus I've probably picked up duplicates. But now that she has practically everything in this pattern, I've been keeping the pieces I find for myself. This set is in fantastic condition and it got washed up and put away in my users cabinet pretty much immediately. I'm really hoping that 8.99 price is a sign of things to come!

That's it for today. I may be going out for my birthday weekend or delaying it until next week, but one way or the other I'm looking forward to more yard sales, estate sales and hitting up the more distant antique stores in the area.

Hope you're finding snazzy stuff!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. That's a fantastic price for a set of four bowls, your lucky day, for sure!

  2. Even though I don't tend to pick up Butterfly Gold, there is no way that I could have passed up that deal!