Friday, May 9, 2014

Playing catch-up

These are my finds from this last Saturday.

The owls are metal, made in 1970. Them and the two blue individual casseroles were my only yard sale purchases from an entire day's worth of driving around. 2 dollars for all.

And my only thrift score this whole week - 8 pieces of Snowflake Blue Corelle. 6 Dinner plates and 2 luncheon, which practically doubled my Snowflake Blue collection.They were 99 cents apiece and the price stickers were dated my birthday, so it seems they were meant just for me.

I must admit, I went back to the same thrift the next day in the hopes that anything else from this pattern might turn up, like bowls, cups or the thing I want most - the matching Pyrex mugs - but alas alak, no additional pieces.

Hope things are picking up where you are!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I used to have those Corelle plates, I had the whole shebang - the glasses and even the cutlery... I don't see them that often at the thrifts!

    1. Nice! I'm building up to that, but it's definitely coming a little bit at a time. I didn't think I'd collect the Corelle in this pattern, but tastes change. I know I collected Spring Blossom because I came across it pretty frequently, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up selling my collection of it.

      Happy Mother's Day!

  2. I see the plates all the time at the thrifts but never the mugs. Must be pretty rare!

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Lucky! Until recently, I'd never seen Snowflake Blue at a thrift store except a single plate, once. There used to be a whole set for 50 dollars at a local antique store that I hated to pass up every time I went, but eventually it sold. But on the other hand, I've bought what seems like a hundred dozen pieces of Butterfly Gold for my mom and bought or passed up an equal amount of Spring Blossom. Maybe regional differences? Here in the South, people seem to still be using a lot of their original sets like that. Every holiday gathering in my family always has Pyrex, lots of vintage Tupperware and Corningware, but no one but me is 'a collector' of such things. To them, it's just stuff you use.

      Hope you're having a great Mother's Day!